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  • Rollerking. ZOMG. Been awhille. Sorry for negllecting my position as Llama Queen. Been in schooll then on vacation. But all is well now Dahlli Llama. I shall now recllaim the throne as Llama Queen. *fancy bows*
    Can I join your Llama group? My new nickname will be: Phantom of the Llama!

    And also, in your description, you put 1 L instead of 2 in the word "llike". YOU BROKE YOUR OWN LLAMA RULE!!
    thanks ya I used to play mtg a lot but I sort of retired from it.

    Rorix Bladewing was my favorite card from mtg.
    the AE gets less modding than the poke center, so basically the only way it can die is if it stops getting bumped by n00bs

    i though you quit making sigs?
    but they will ask me, if it's OK with him/her and won't close it unless told by the creator.

    and if you took the time to tell me that, you could have been using it to tell a mod.......think about that....

    btw, your avi is awesome
    Hi there, just wanted to know if u'll beable to have our match...let me know ok cause i really want to face u instead of taking the easy way...
    Hey man, were facing in the tourney n is due this Sunday the seconds rounds so yeah let me know when u want to have it ok XD...my fc is 2878-9296-4483...tell me urs ok *smiles*...
    when`s the best time to do the pro tournement matchups? I was just wondering in case ur not too busy o-o XD
    Hey, we're paired up for the first round of Bunny's tournament, so just let me know when a good time for you will be since we can play our matches early. I might be able to play tonight or tomorrow hopefully, just post on my profile or on the topic when you want to set something up.
    dude I'm in the Fierce 35 now! Let celebrate lulz...what kind of stuff can you do when you're in teh clan? cause I know theres a weekly tourney every saturday at 12 pm (wait, shadow never told me what timezone 12 pm was...can you tell me so I can subtract the difference???)
    our freeze froze a couple of times but other then that there wasn't as much lag :) and I'm trying to get into the fierce 35...hope I can get in ;) and no one uses jiggz lol...so you jiggz was good for a jigg, but you'd probably never win in a tourney with jiggz lol
    wow...roller I haven't talked to you or played you in forever! I just saw you create a room so I joined lol ;) anyways, nice pika! I should go work on my Ice Climberz some more...I just started them a week ago...

    I got a new router. That's why there wasn't as much lag as last time...

    anyways ggs...:)
    sry u were forced to drop out anyways i still want to play some friendlies with u pm whenever
    hopefully ur on today or u get dqed tomorrow i think don't kow if reo will give us any longer
    if ur barely online at all thursday and friday then it wil have to be saturday plz make a great effort to clear ur schedule for sat or sun day k?

    i will be waiting
    I am free today if u want to play well just mainly today because i'll be pretty busy afterwards but i can arrange a time for other days if needed but i'd much rather not ;) welll msg me if today is fine i'll be online all of today
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