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  • Yeah, I meant with the time people will start getting here. And even though the message was sent at 2:00 am this morning, I meant I'd send it tonight, so that you would know what time to come tomorrow.
    Sounds sweet, I'll probably text you sometime tomorrow evening with a time.
    hm, well. if a TV is included in the set-up then that'd be sweet, but otherwise I think we'd have enough for the number of TVs we have.
    I'll let you know about Wednesday. Probably going to be sometime around mid afternoon when people start showing up.
    ~ 30 min.
    hmm, maybe what we could do is you could come wednesday-thursday to prepare/go to 6 Flags, leave Thursday night whenever, sleep at your place that night, get to the tourney and back to your place however you were going to with your mom needing the car on friday. Then either Friday night, or Saturday when you leave the tourney head back here.
    1. Depends on how much money I have at that point, lol. Probably not though.

    2. Would you like to stay at my place for the duration of the tourney? Right now we only have 1 driver for 6 of us, and I have more room here, lol. You're also more than welcome to come to 6 Flags with us on Thursday regardless of whether you want to stay here, as it should be an awesome little side-trip.
    Awesome, and I have actually. But Last time I played was in Michigan and it was still in closed beta and not every character was done yet. But it was hilariously awesome from what I remember.
    I am indeed, I'm actually gonna be housing a handful of people for it. Wednesday and Thursday night before the tourney we are going to be playing MMs, friendlies, doubles, general prep, etc. Feel free to stop by if you're able/interested. Wednesday we will be playing all day, Thursday we're going to 6 Flags for the day then playing in the evening/night (probably starting around 7).
    Thanks, if you want to play some more over the summer, I have smaller versions of that fairly often and there will be another big one the night before Apex. I usually get the word out for them through facebook/texting. So if you friend me on fb/get me your number I'll be sure to let you know.
    Alright, just make sure to come at like 2:30 to 3, and we should be all set. My streaming equipment is fixed so we'll be able to stream our matches. Wanna play any smash64 while your here?
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