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  • raynex, give me your aim please

    I'm an aspiring young fox player from california and I want to talk with you about tech skill hahaha
    Sup dude! I just wanted to let you know that I have been practicing your method of SHFFL to waveshine. At first it took me a while to get use to the feeling of continuing to hold down after a fast fall and simply pressing B for my shine. But I see what you mean about it being faster then reseting my hands. I'll keep you posted on my progress and sometime soon I'll get some new vids for ya. Thanks again. ^^

    oh, and dont let anybody know that im trolling either, if you want you should join in.

    itll be fun
    yo dude, im just trolling your boys to drum up hype for the tourney, but at teh tourney im going to need you to verify that im a chill dude, cause by the time the tourney comes, every one who hasnt met me in person from canada is going to hate me
    Ahh I see. Ok, sounds like a plan. In that case I'll keep you posted about where I'll be going to University to. Either way, at least I'll be in Canada. ^^
    Sup dude.

    Out of curiosity, do you live close to the University of Guelph? I know its somewhere in Toronto. lol I'm sending an application there in a few weeks, cause I'm thinking about going there. If not there, then I'll be in Halifax, which is like a hour and half away from Toronto by plane yeah?

    Sorry for the random question. =P
    I've realized that after the tourney. so i pushed myself monday to get a new one, and i'm doing really well with luigi now. i need to work with Falco some more. well with his laserz.
    Nuttin much. jus here. Got myself a new gc controller yesterday. i felt really horrible when i wuz the only one in the tournament that had a mad catz controller.
    That's unfortunate. Maybe you'll come to Europe some other time then? I think there's a RoS planned for the summer, although there's nothing certain yet.
    If you could give me details on the ride, it would be great. Btw, I updated my post in the thread.
    Yea but you cheated.

    You looked so much like your avatar that my sheik just stood there dumbfounded.

    just to chill, but we can go to a tourney that weekend anyway, there pretty much always is one

    how about SPOC VII on april 4th? Scar's hosting it. lol guaranteed fun
    Hey dude. I just wanted to say that I watched you on the stream on teams and that I am very proud of you. I'm sure it was an awesome experience for ya. Do tell me more on MSN sometime. Good job, friend. You were great! XD
    Oh man, talk about mind games! I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. lol But yeah, it really is a stupid rule. Thanks for the clarification man.
    Hey RaynEX. Question, is your signature acting up too? I can't post my signature for some, despite the fact my profile says I do have one. lol
    I think I gave you the wrong website but if you went to a 5Linx site than w/e.

    If you think there might be an oppurtunity, check out my personal website.


    hit the oppurtunity tab and watch the business oppurtunity video. If its up your alley get back to me or jesse.

    I put out the option of talking to jesse because if you want to talk to somebody like immediately, I dont have AIM and he does.


    but yea, this thing is hot and poppin off real big right now. so check it out and get back to me. All we really do is focus on helping people save money and helping people make money ya dig?

    You got my info and Jesses AIM so if you like it, get back to us ASAP
    check out this website, watch the video and click around. if you like what you see, and you think theres some money to be had in this call me back.


    i dont know if you can call international or not, but if you cant, you can either email me at the address above, or you can msg me here, or if you want, you can even talk to jesse on AIM about it, cus I think you have his AIM screenname.
    I ask because me and Jesiah run our own business, and we are looking for some chill people looking to make some good money.

    You interested?
    Hey, it's that kid who did those team battles and ect. with KoJ at BfWNY V.

    Just wondering when's the next time you'll come back down to NY, you're Fox is too sexy, I wish to play you again. ha

    You have AIM or MSN?
    yo brenard
    i asked ayaz this too and he said no .. was i actually breathing hard and fast during the ride cuz i didn't notice it myself....
    yeah yo RayneEX we got you ( i am ayaz's lil' brother) you can come on thursday afternoon because nikok will be here and as will king ace also if u have any questions for us about directions our phone # is 905-641-5423.
    and if u o call don't call like past 12.00 cuz my parents will get kinda mad .
    well i hope u get here.
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