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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    If dair isn't comboing into shine, it's likely because he was airborne when you hit. His landing animation cancels the hitstun of your dair, and he can shine you during your own landing recovery. It could also be that you're starting dair so early that it's finishing before you get close to the...
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    Nice to see this board is still alive and kickin' To answer the previous question about Marth's CG, if you don't d.i. you can shine him at 20%. If you notice a player shining out below 20% in any match vids, it is because the Marth dropped their pivot re-grab.
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    For SHing with Fox, remember that the gamecube controller is a very old piece of hardware. It's not advanced enough to have pressure sensitivity. By this I mean, the controller does not give two ****s if you press it daintily or if you slam the jump button with your forehead. It's about speed...
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    The Campy Doc Matchup

    - There is nothing wrong with shielding his nairs. He doens't have a shine or anything, so any shielded aerial aside from his fair is a free shield-grab punish, or usmash punish. If he's doing nairs into your shield all day that's actually a good thing and you should capitalize. - As said...
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    New/Underused Puff killer GUARANTEED?

    If the opponent Puff is airborne, fair > usmash is much more solid. If they are on the ground you will get CC grabbed or probably shield grabbed. Weak aerials to usmash isn't ground-breaking though (nair / bair / fair all work similarly in this regard). Thanks for the contribution!
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    Advancing the Mewtwo Meta Game

    Was at Kirbykaze's house yesterday for weekly practice and was toying around with Mewtwo things. I happened upon some useful techniques. These may already be known but I'll share my findings anyway: - Sheik can alter the length of her teleport by tilting the control stick vs not tilting it. I...
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    Mewtwo tech + Greetings Comrades!

    No need to apologize so formally dude. You did nothing wrong. I'm just elaborating on the techniques and why I think they're good. I like when you said "I just wouldn't rely on that occasion occurring". That's exactly how we should view d.i. in on dthrow.
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    The Falcon neutral?

    - You need to account for Falcon's horizontal air mobility; the fact that he can fly across a stage and nair you is definitely a problem. How do you account for this without giving him too much space or being in shield at mid-range? You challenge him. You have high-priority Fox moves, so when he...
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    Mewtwo tech + Greetings Comrades!

    I think this perception is problematic. You shouldn't take tools out of your toolbox just because they are 'bad on paper' or counter-intuitive to proper play within the competitive meta. Marth's ken combo only works if your opponent d.i.s the fair inwards to allow the dair, and the same can be...
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    Fox's Worst Matchup?

    Not at all. They can be nullified with nair / bair when close, or safely reflected with shine from further away. They are more linear / more damaging turnips in that their best characteristic is that they make you move. As you try to avoid them with jumps / shields / shines, Samus moves in and...
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    Fox's Worst Matchup?

    Samus is even or 55 in Fox's favour. Both answers are acceptable and have good reasoning. The main concern vs Samus is everything that makes Fox amazing either doesn't work (uthrow combos, upB oos beats shield pressure) or is highly inconsistent (dair is SDIed, nair is easily CCed, gimping is...
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    Shine Bair?

    Shine bair is primarily d.i. dependent. No matter how fast you are or what input method you use, if you approach your floating opponent at the wrong angle or if they d.i. away from you, the bair will always miss. Consistency of shinebair virtually triples if your opponent d.i.s inwards out of...
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    Shine Grab Questions

    Shinegrab is incredible. If your opponent shields your aerial > shine, the only things fast enough to beat it are roll or spotdodge. If they try to shield grab / SH aerial (or anything else that lacks invul frames) they will get grabbed. As a top player, allow me to speak for the top players...
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    How do you deal with laser camping Falcos?

    If you're facing a Falco that goes full screen and lasers, you can sit in your shine until he decides to engage you in SSBM and actually fight. You can also take to platforms and use them to traverse the level and get closer. Remember that any Falco dumb enough to run to an edge without a plan...
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    Fox's Worst Matchup?

    As one of the top 5 characters in the game, he doesn't really have any disadvantaged match-ups. He does have challenging ones though, and if you don't know what you're doing simply being Fox is not enough. You will get beat into the pavement if you don't know how to exploit weaknesses in...