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  • Hahaha I bet, I should have learned this game soo much earlier. Gotta make sure to play with all you guys when I come back for christmas.
    thanks i hope you are right but i only started playin real serious this year january and picked up fox about may so i got time. You going to Rom2????
    Yo! What's up Raynex? Just dropping by to say "hey." I'm still active in smash. I've started my own little 3 month training session to get myself ready for you and your friends when I get to Canada in January. Really looking forward to it...its almost time!!! lol

    How is everything with you? Good yeah?
    ok kool just curious because i feel im good only under certain conditions and also there r just days in which i suck hard so just wanted to know. But im finding ays of being more consistent with tech skills
    yo raynex i got a quick question how do you stay so consistent with your gameplay?
    Thanks for the advise man, i really needed a pros point of view , Ive been playing this game for 7 years and still cant get this match up down...his pillar just destroys me...I usually Nair outta Shield but It juss doesn't seem to work for me...

    here what iam talking about... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTXrE99bqQo

    Its an old video..Ive improverd alot ever since..but not against falcos Plz tell me what ya think!! (i get ***** BTW)
    Hey Raynex, your an amazing fox...but i juss have to you HOW DO YOU FIGHT FALCOS?? I get ***** by them All the Fu*** time Plz Anytips?
    Yo! Sup RaynEX! No I'm not dead. Sorry for the lack of activity. Still smash active, don't worry. Haha. Just been taking a minor break from the boards. But yeah I'm back. Haha.

    Hope everything is good with you man. ^^
    Oh I see. No worries, the others who you 3-0'd will just have to train some more is all. ^^;

    Trust me, I wish it was sooner. *cough* September *cough.* I see myself getting an insane skill boost playing you and your friends. lol
    Oh yeah, the storm is long past. Never lost power, and only had to deal with minor tree damage. So glad that's over. Oh and I'll be in Peterbrough mid December. So once I settle in, you can expect to see me before January is over. :)

    Oh and congrats on winning the tourney, bro! Well played, indeed. I'm sure a few people gave you a run for your money. ^^
    Nice! That's way more people then I could ever dream of playing here. Looking forward to that. Good luck with that tourney!

    Oh yeah I'm doing fine, thanks. Everything is pretty secure at my house, plenty of food and water. Luckily, I still have power. Call me optimistic, but if by luck I have power tomorrow I'll do some training. This should be over by Sunday morning. But yeah, everything fine thus far. Thanks for the concern. :-)
    Hey RaynEX! How are things with you, mate? Everything is good?

    I'm still keeping active with smash. Got to keep myself in shape for Canada. ^^


    Out of curiosity, how many friends do ya smash with on a regular?
    that sounds pretty good. other than saturday smash i can't really play other players very often so i'll give that a try :)
    naahhh B, must of had him confused with someone else, I know he gave Minus some trouble taking him to last round and last stock. I know Linksta was in my pool, so he must have been that jiggs then.

    how about the 29th? it's next saturday. It'll be at my house in my basement, and we're probably going to use the BBQ for food how we do at our practices.

    I can have like 7 set-ups down here and like 30 guys at most.
    Yooo, sup brenard. So at Havoc I entered melee and did pretty good, I didn't get out of pools because I had one less point than wayne, but I beat some good people like linkster (luigi player I think) and pretty much beat Fogul's peach on Mute city but I SD's at like 0. There was this Samus player I was playing a lot in friendlies too, he said that I'm "getting there". All in all Havoc was **** and I want to play some more melee, would you guys from the GTA come to a melee tournament probably in my basement sometime in like 2 weeks maybe?

    the inspiration came from a pools match where I 4 stocked a Fox on Kanto, **** was sooo sick.
    Yo! I just got my acceptance letter, so I am officially a Trent Student as of January. So it looks like our matches are set in stone. ^^

    By the way, how often does Scarborough have smash tourneys? Is it monthly or?

    Where you at (always wanted to say that. lol) we gota chat bout next year. XD

    Then again, you have been mad busy with the trips and whatnot so I understand. Haha.
    Sup friend! Welcome back! I dropped ya a PM, so whenever you get the chance just drop me a reply. No rush. I hope your inbox isn't full. lol I think you'll be just as excited as I am. XD
    raaaayn now that you're back, do you think you could have a look at my newest Fox videos please? I've made a topic in the Fox boards.

    How was your euro journey anyway? Did you like it?
    Yo dude! I hope all is well with ya. Just wanted to let ya know that I am applying to Trent University. I don't know if you know but its in a place called Peterborough, Ontario. I believe that's an hour from Toronto. So if I get in...you know what that means. Wish me luck. XD
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