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Ray Robo
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  • No worries, I'll be back soon. Two more weeks. I'm just dropping by for now.
    The groups you joined caught my eye. Why did you join "Super Smash Followers of Christ" and "Atheists/Agnostics/Nihilists?" lol
    *reads conversation*

    lol Ray you know like 99.9% of the people that call Falco the "g"-word is me xD
    Ah it's all good. I don't fight many Marths and Falcos, so it'll be good MU experience for me. Falco can be tricky to approach for Zelda, but it's honestly not as bad as Olimar for her. As for the whole characters being gay thing, you just play the character as they are meant to be played. If you're a casual player, this isn't that big of a deal. But if you play competitively, you have to use what works, you know?
    Yeah Aibou is pretty cool. I'm starting to pick up Snake so we're both Snake/Zelda mains xD

    But Zelda is who I'm best with, and that probably won't change. Some days I can do really well with her, others not so much... and then are days in between. I don't think I deserve the kind of credit Aibou has given me. I still have much to learn about Brawl =P

    But yes we should definitely play sometime. Who are your mains?
    Correction: She's BETTER than me. She should join some online tournies, she's awesome ^_^
    Ugh, lucky you XD

    Idk when I'll be there. I'll probably just post links on your wall later on...
    Oh excellent. I have some cool textures that I've been saving up for you. I'll try to get on the xat later on to get them to you.
    Oh hi Chaos/falconflier

    I'm the wrong person to ask, you should post your questions to the Smash Workshop (if they are allowed to help) instead. I can't help with that sorry.

    Yea I know lol. I would love to but Iv cant get to his xat on wiinet :(

    Its the only source of communication I have here. Yes I'm Dinah and also Pi' lol
    IV is short for Individual Value. Every single pokemon has an IV between 0 and 31 for each of their individual stats; HP, Attack, Sp. Atk, etc... (ie: they have six different IV's in total). There is no easy method of knowing what your pokemon's IV's are. You can use an IV calculator (search Google) but you need to know things like how many EV's (Effort Values) you have accumulated through training etc for it to work.
    IV's are determined as soon as you come into contact with a pokemon and CANNOT BE CHANGED! IV's essentially determine how strong one pokemon is in comparison to another pokemon of the same species. So, assuming the average IV is 15 or 16, an IV of 30 or 31 in say.Attack means that that particular pokemon's overall Attack stat will be higher than the average pokemon of its species. The same pokemon might have an IV of 0 or 1 or 2 in Speed, so it will be slower than the average pokemon of its species.

    Thats pretty much it. If you have anymore questions just ask!
    Uh...yeah...sorry bout earlier...just a little upset that's all...

    I feel like a jacka** now...
    Ah, that.

    2 things:

    1) You need to stick with a main. You change mains as much as I change secondaries. You need to find that ONE character that just completes you, and stick with him/her. Then go experiment with seconds >_>

    2) Jimmy's gotten a lot better lately. Don't beat yourself up for losing to him.
    NEVERZ we have Captain Falcon and Chuck Norris on are side ò.ó
    LOL If that does happen though they would have change US flag to have 49 starz instead >_>
    Just google Edward Elric if you don't know who he is. He doesn't look much like Sasuke if you see a bigger picture of him.
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