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Ray Robo
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  • Sooo...you won't be back 'til 8...but you've been on wifi the whole time, and now you're brawling? If you don't want to play the match, then just say so...
    Um no I didn't. But he beat me good yesterday xD

    Your Tink actually surprised me a bit. I was worried throughout the first match that I would lose. I need to play moar Brawl and less Clash of Ninja Revolution xD. I've gotten out of shape o-o

    Some things I suggest with Tink. I'm not an expert on him, but I have some basic knowledge that I think might help:

    You know how to to OoS nair which is good, but full-hopping it will make you miss. Try getting used to short-hopping it.

    Abuse zair. Especially against tall and slow characters like Zelda. One of the main reasons it was so easy for me to get around you was because you weren't spacing right. Zair helps with that. Also make sure to learn to time it accordingly depending on the size and position of your opponent (taller chars are easier to hit obv) x_x

    Other than that you're doing ok. Just try and stick with Tink this time ok?
    Yupp. i main ike lucario and toon link are my top seconds so when i choose the tag L that means im going to use one of the three and you have a cool diddy i need more diddy exp so yeah we should do more friendlies sometime.
    GGs bro very close matches but that last one i try to do my tilts instead of the jab combo but you know that big gay lag monster :ohwell:
    I learned diddy pretty well i just watch combo videos and past tourney matches with someone using diddy to learn what should i play like and i usually go to the diddy discussion board to learn extra things and yeah we should definitely play tonight ray that'd be cool.
    It's still a blur i have alot of close buddies on here should i add you to that list my brotha lol
    I give it all i have but im really not expecting to make it past round one to be honest.
    Thanks for the friend request ray.
    Good luck in the tourney i look forward to meeting up with you in the match ups
    lol Bren got mad and spammed nado xD. I mainly went Zelda because I wanted to get some good Zelda teams footage for my youtube. Otherwise I would have stayed GW (d)
    I decided that now that I know him a little better, I'm gonna give Pikachu a try. And obv I'd use Kilachu xD
    Yeah I kinda already figured that out for myself. x_x

    That's why I'm waiting until I go out of state to college next year to go to irl tournies. Though I may figure out an opportunity this summer...If not, then meh, I'll have to wait a year before I can go to irl tournies Dx
    Do you get what I said though? I camped with PKF because I couldn't attack from close range. And also the advice I gave you, keep it in mind.

    Ray has too many top tiers. All of which I plan to beat with my low tiers (Lucas, Samus, and of course Zelda). Let's have more friendlies tonight. I'll show you how my Lucas really plays.

    My Snake in that lag? No thanks. I seriously need moar offline play...
    I camped with Lucas brah. Why? Cuz it was lagging and getting inside of Snake's range without getting jabbed/ftilted in that lag is hard as all hell. What was I supposed to do when you were chucking nades? Jump in and attack? Oh wait, that would just get me tilted. Seriously, consider the situation I was in before accusing me of spam bro bro. Kthnx

    Your Diddy tends to forget he has bananas sometimes. Don't do that.

    And for the love of God, the roll behind --> attack thing. Lag makes it successful of course, but it's just not a good tactic to use in a real Brawl. Don't get into the habit of doing that.
    Oh hey what's up! What do you mean annoying? Our matches are always fun and it's cool to see you on Smashboards.

    K so I watched those replays and here's what I thought:

    #1 (on CS): You *****. /discussion

    #2 (on SV): You won, but you rolled a bit too much.

    #3 (on FD): You really wouldn't have won if Jimmy had capitalized on the +9000 times he could have edgehogged/wrecked your recovery. I was literally shouting to the Mario in my chair: "EDGEHOG HIM! WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!?!" So yeah, watch how you come back to the stage, and try to use UpB as little as possible due to it's long startup and incredulously short distance.

    So yeah...friendlies? I'm dead bored.
    I think you're taking this a little too seriously. It is possible for you to just be naturally good with someone you didn't expect, but just relax. Just use who you feel the most comfortable with and who you enjoy using. If you believe it's Marth, then play with him for a while and see if you're right.

    Oh and Kudos to you for beating Roxy XD
    *troll attempt rejected* XD

    You say to Mocha that Marth sux online...but he rocked in teams today ;)
    Haha I don't know about broken. Well it's wifi =P I find Ike pretty broken too on wifi lolol

    FSMASH IS **** <<;
    Yeah I know what you mean. The only offline tourney I've been to was a Melee one a long time ago (in which I entered as Zelda lol) but other than that, I've never been to a tourney, especially Brawl. I'm doing the doubles ladder with my friend on All is Brawl, and I might join the singles one. I don't do many online tournies either, but I might take up on Aibou's offer sometime xD
    Yeah GGs. Annoyingly laggy, but good nonetheless. Nice use of pivot grabbing. Keep it up ^_^

    *looks down*

    ...I agree, why join both groups?
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