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PK Webb
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  • Yo I leave for vacation on thurs and ill be bored so Id love to watch the vids from the tournament. But I feel you if your mad busy and dnt feel like splitting vids but is there any way you could send me like the raw file via AIM or some other uploading website...or is the file too big. Lemme know whjats up
    yo man! i havent signed on smashboards in mad long! hopefully youll read this today, greg and richard are coming over and you should too!!!
    Haha worddd Rest all day! Keep goin' to tourneys and your Fox will be sick... your wavelands are already niceee. Yeah a crew v crew thing would be pretty awesome. 2-4 of us will be at No Johns if we can go, so that works too. ^_^ lol.
    Good matches! It was fun. You got the best of my Puff today, your Fox is pretty **** quick. Hopefully we'll get to play again soon, maybe with other crew members n shiz too. Peaceee.
    well we will see about next week cause im still not sure if i can go. I'm using my ness some more now. i have a hard time committing to a character when we have no tournaments to go to.
    you missed super smash tuesday man. lol o well theres always next tuesday. hopefully your not in albany again.
    hey man still sick here. but i am going to the doctor today. maybe he can cure my illness i gotta feel better by tmw.
    so i just sucked today, and have to go back to using doc to make up for it. fox is fun though
    hey do you ever think you could bring your laptop again so we can record matches? i just feel like we could get a lot better if we can actually watch ourselves make mistakes and such and then try to work on fixing them together. and i'm actually practicing fox a little bit so we will see if i can actually be good with him the next time we play
    dang man. your probably going to **** me next time we play. because i am goin to focus on getting better not so much to win. like getting all l cancels and when my opponent mess up taking advantage of it. along with some other stuff. cant wait to play again.
    i just read a thread in the melee discussion. and it said to focus on being better not winning so i am going to do that. and if you have time i would read it. its pretty good.
    i am going to make my falco faster then maybe just maybe my marth will be faster. but that won't be for a while..
    i don't want to get to their level. i want to surpass it. by alot. falco is the only character i am goin to be playing for a while he needs to get better before the bi weekly.
    ha yeah. man it sounds like your getting to good man. thats gret that you like him alot. but it doesn't hurt to have a secondary for countering.
    dude your always a challenge. and for tuesday maybe at my house again. i might have work tho so it might be wednesday. i will let you know.
    You have to fast fall the nair when the second kick hits. The first kick isn't all that important, well combo wise anyway. Its the second kick which gets things started.
    No problem. lol

    Its best to use the C stick for all of your aerials (except for nairs obviously =P). The C stick helps you to properly space all of your aerials.

    As for the Fox/Falco match up, there are different play styles you can adopt to tackle the problem. It all depends on your personal preference. Me personally, I'd use the tech chasing method. At low percents, use Falcon's up throw, down throw to start off a tech chase. Watch what they do (do they tech to the right/left, tech in place, miss the tech and do a wakeup attack ect.) and react accordingly. As for edge guarding, Falcon's Up tilt intercepts both Fox/Falco's Up/Over B recoveries.
    Hey dude. Sure, I can suggest some things for you. Well since you can SHFFL well with Falcon, the next step is to learn your percents. Practice basic combos on a non responsive second player (i.e. do vs mode, with you as the 1st player beating up on the 2nd layer). Learn how your aerials work against different characters like Fox, Marth, Peach ect.

    An advanced technique I'd recommend learning with Falcon is gentleman. Press A, A really quick after a brief pause, press A a third time. I'm sure you know what it looks like. Oh and finally, practice sweetspotting your Up b. Reverse Up B to grab the edge is another cool trick worth learning with Falcon. It really helps on gay levels like battlefield. If you have any more questions just let me know. XD
    don't worry about g&w. cpt falcon's down throw owns him so bad you can chain grab him, knee, up air and sometimes over b, and even tech chase so if ur ever down and don't know what to do just try and grab ->dthrow. sets you up for a combo everytime. also his shield sucks at the top so most dairs will hit but beware of the god tier flag!!!!!!
    yeah you will. moonwalking took me a while but you gotta be quick with the control stick. dash in one derection and then go in a semi circle with the control stick (down then to the other side) and you will moonwalk not really useful just looks cool.
    lol thanks man. i don';t think i can play fox he messes up my falco timing and my falco is one of my best so not worth it. your cpt falcon was kicking *** and taking names man. where did you pull that out from. also are you going to play marth?
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