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PK Webb
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  • so to bens comment, greg told me we are playing tuesday. and you didnt get a chance to see my ness so you better be ready for it. Im really liking the low tiers lately and i think i have a pretty decent roy as well.
    yeah i know what you mean thats why i cna't play shiek. just wierd with my fingers. and i really want to play ur falco but i can't tmw and sunday i work....
    dag yo i am still trying to learn fox i thik i am getting the hang of it tho idk who is next on my character list probably link tho
    lol i know what you mean. G&W is scary but u just gotta learnt he top of his shield sucks so dair will usually work and then pillar him and then laser jab over smash. owns every time. and to practice what i do for falco waveshine is go to final D and just practice going across the whole lvl either in training mode or plug in another controller so the cpu doesn't mess with you.
    dude idk where u get the idea that i owned you. all our dittos where close. once you learn to waveshine our tech skill will be equal then its all about the play style and as it is its dam close what was our falco dittos record like 4-3? me up by 1 or maybe 2 games. i am going to play fox a bit more seriously and try to play almost every character in hopes that my mains will get better.
    high tier ftw. i going to pick up a low tier person so my chars stop getting **** on. lol prob link idk i gotta check the list
    you think i am the best in the crew? lol idk today ur mewtwo was owning my falco until i thought to mass laser.... ahh i feel so dirty now... keep practicing because next time you see me my falco will be better then it was today!
    your mewtwo is getting alot better. i gunna try and get falco better, and try to get him better then my marth because hes more fun to play
    hey man sorry i didnt respond to your text. its cause i dont actually have texting which my parnets thought i did so now i own them like $50 and it costs money for everyone i send or recieve.

    merry christmas and i will see you tomrrow maybe or saturday at least
    lol harsh. and whats wrong with the music?

    um youd have to ask greg about the next time we are playing. my bet is that it will be friday. we may be at matts house though cause a lot of times we sleep over and play till like forever and then go to the tournament then next day. we will let you know though dont worry
    haha ok

    Cloudz - matt
    IcedTea - Ben
    BMAN - Greg
    Soda - Anthony
    Rykard - Richard
    HeyU - Robby (he may or may not play with us again but just in case)

    and just for kicks, i will show you this combo video we made last year that we never speak of. we were so nooby back then its not even funny. and with the exception of ben's falco and my ganondorf (which only has 1 clip starting at like 4:44) everyone has changed their mains/secondaries

    actually, i figured out a way to get out of it or at least make it much more difficult for me to land. you basically just DI in the opposite direction that doc is facing. so if im facing left you DI right. and it doesnt work on luigi either i believe.

    and yes, i need to practice movement as well and stop getting sheild grabbed so much
    you definitely should stick with mewtwo. make sure you get your fast faller combos down before the tourny cause im betting on a lot of people playing fox falco and falcon
    whoa thats like perfect timing. i just got a cell phone today. the numbers 845 475 5648
    haha team purple still goin on about that your gona loose next time. i never thought someone would be good with mewtwo and you deffinitly showed me lol. cant wait to kick team purps *** next time....later.
    hey dude, tmw, please come at 2 o clock..... if you have work like last time, then come then...... me and ben are going to get food when we come out of school, thats why im saying 2 o clock instead of the last time, when i told you 120 or w.e........call me if you cant find the place, or to let me know your on your way. if you cant come, thats ok too.... but everyone is going to be here soo yea........ ill see you tmw!
    yea the whole crew will come over on friday... 1.20 - when ever... ( 5.30 for you) but yea itll be good man
    yea i noticed i left it but yea man whenever just not friday nite (religion) like b4 5:30 on fridays are good. Bring the rest of ur crew next time if u can i want to meet them
    yo t. webb you left your jacket at my house, i can drive it to you tmw.... but i wont be home all day so if you want me to leave it anywhere or like if you can wait till the next time we hang out, ill old on to it for you...... you good dude! i think that we are all about the same skill level so it would be great if you would keep playing with us.... ill tell you next time we get together!.. itll be soon... jsut not tmw cuz i have to see my girlfriend
    well small chance I'll go to the Polytech thing. I'm going to C3 in Virginia Nov 22 thats going to be big but hard to get to obviously lol
    Yea no doubt i would love a ditto match even though lag is ridiculous. I saw u play i think, you had an interesting sheik there. But sure i'll try and get online but that will be kind of hard right now i'll get you my FC later cuz i gotta go to work now.
    Yo whuddup I was at that tourney Play and Trade and I saw u there. I think you and me were the only ppl there that played with shiek lol. That was sooo much fun, but anyways, wondering if you wanted to vs one day, i always look foward to Shiek Ditto matches =]. My FC is 3952-6696-0708 Im usually not on as much as i used to cuz online overall is ghey but you can catch me, just pm me back if you wanna battle. peace.
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