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  • I was sent to attack you(like a week ago), but never really got the chance to do so. >____>

    So, now I am. :P
    And I'm pretty sure Zen wants me to fight you to the death. D:

    When you wanna play? o.o
    Gordo doesn't want to play Beef due to lag or something. I think he's from EC. So if you are up for it... Attack Gordo preaze. D:
    Pink Fresh please start being more active in my tourney or I may have to DQ you from it. Please begin to start attacking people. . . . . .or atleats post in the thread . . . .

    Please I don't want to DQ anymore people
    Planning on attacking anyone soon? Lol.
    Want me to give you someone or something?

    I keep forgetting to get those teams teams started too. :urg:
    Great Games again, haha your lucas was just too good.

    xD The entire time I was thinking of what to do to possible get around your aerials.

    I might have been a tad sloppy but I had fun.

    Most likely I'll be staying Marth the entire set.

    lol I'm going to get graped
    I'm four months behind everyone atm. Lol.
    Just making sure you know who you are facing. Ben wants teams with you, me and Matt again. Like we used to do a while back. o:
    You gotta ask Shadowfirex100 which team you should attack. Only the leader can tell you who. But once he tells you a team name from the five teams to attack, start messaging that team's members for a match.:)
    Hello PF.
    I hate to be a bother, but my Lucas is starting to get really... bad. Dtilt locks are almost never happening, my aim with PKT2 isn't what it used to be, my tether recoveries are becoming less frequent, and overall, I'm just getting less hits in.
    After alot of improvement, I've hit a slump.
    Do you think you could possibly play anytime you're willing and tell me what I'm doing wrong? I figured advice from a really good Lucas main could help me the most here.
    If you don't want to, I understand. You must get tired of all those Brawl requests.

    tl;dr: I'm starting to suck, I need help, and if you can't, that's fine.
    I'm sure you got my text...but anyways, will you be awake at 11:00 your time...to do our doubles match? :)
    Good **** to Galeon for beating Xyro in the wifi tourney.

    And now I want to play you again. lolz
    umm i would play online but remember im stealing internet that has a bad connection so even if close it will lag hard :/
    Hey, get on AIM when you can. Need to know how you're getting there, if I'm your ride back, and if you're interested in a small smashfest to train for the tourney Friday night.
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