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  • Okay well let me ask her, I am more than sure we can get you.
    If you want, you can see if you can get another ride home, since I don't know what time we're leaving.
    Or you can come back with us.
    Well I am not sure what time we are going to be leaving, but it's definitely going to be after the tournament.
    Do you still want a ride, I can see if I can give you one.
    Will meta knight ever be banned? Will we ever team again? Will the fire nation fall? Will we ever **** at Lol? Give me the answers Fshy!
    Really? cause it was posted on Ponibooru sometime in March at least. According to what the date said there anyways.

    Also don't know if you have this or not, but have this Fluttershy pic anyways as one more birthday gift from me. ;)

    Happy Birthday K Prime!

    Here's your birthday kiss. :3

    Yeah, I know this pic is very old. Deal with it. B)
    I like hearing from you. pony thread, xat, etc.
    Even if you're a more of shy guy than me and I'm pretty shy and non-talkative IRL. :S
    Nobody ever gives Fluttershy any love. ;_;
    so you know.
    your avatars are always the best.
    For clarification on forward roll,

    I "get away" with a lot of forward rolls because it's actually an incredibly useful tool for getting past metaknight's ground game. It's particularly useful if mk likes approaching with walk-> forward tilt (which many do against pikachu because for some reason people think it rapes him) because it's well ranged enough to get behind him and quick enough to let you punish.

    I've messed with the timing enough to get past d smash (funny thing is the second swing comes out before you actually get behind him and I think invincibility protects you from the first swing), which is particularly useful when they like doing f smash-> d smash on your shield. I've even used it to get past forward smash (the spacing is reaaaaaally tight and sometimes I end up in front of them as a result).

    While it may not be a great answer to down tilt, I've noticed people in general really hate it when people are behind them (particularly when they're in shield) and often they'll show some sort of bad habit to try and get out of that situation (spotdodge, roll, etc).

    And of course it's another option to get past grounded shuttle loop, and I'll buffer it after say a SH down air because quite frankly he just doesn't expect it and is too slow to punish as a result (he'll usually expect a spotdodge or shield so he'll just try to grab).

    I definitely need to cut back on it, but I assure you I use it less against people who aren't Trevonte. He just personally has a weakness against rolls ;o
    How come you never post any of your footage in the video thread for critique =o?

    It's kind've dead there and I'm personally waiting on pikadude to upload some of mine, and I'm always down for critiquing.
    I want to apologize again.

    I'm still sorry, and I hope we can talk/work things out at HOBO, if that's fine with you.
    Are you seriously still going on about this? I'm literally angry at myself for not realizing how emotional you can get and pissing you off. When I said "****" I didn't realize how seriously you would take the word. Holy ****.

    I'm extremely sorry K Prime. What else do you want me to say? I'm not creating any lies to make myself seem better than you nor was I ever upset about you being higher than me on the PR. It's honestly not a big deal to me and I've been ignoring it - I just don't like how it is ran.

    I am top ten in Texas already, and if you don't want to money match, I will prove that I'm better than you by beating players in a harder city compared to SA.
    Right now, it's looking like me/Gnes/Sync/Razer. I think either Zori or P4 is gonna drive, and Pj might possibly come along with us lol.

    Oh, and just a heads up, Gnes and Razer would be teaming for this, so there's a problem right there!
    Kprime my friend Allied going to Hobo so I maybe teaming with him for Mid/Low tier teams, so if you find someone else it's all good.
    Metal Gear Solid 2 Theme (OC Remix)
    Encom Part 2 (Com Truise Remix)
    Saber Bird (CarboHydroM Remix)
    Gurren Lagann Battle Theme
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