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  • Man, your Ness is really tough. I had a lot of fun playing it, though I'm sure it wasn't nearly as hard for you. :PPPPPPP

    Thanks man. All you're characters were too good. I loved playing against your Bowser. And you're DK. Jeez... good stuff. Really fun match. I've got a friend that mains Bowser, but he's trash compared to you. We should do a Ganon ditto sometime. I second Ganon. I mean, you'd kill me, but it would be epic.
    Apparently I already had your Wii # registered for some reason.

    Add me, and whenever it goes through, you can send me those replays.
    Do me a favor and double-check the IC grab frames for me? If you can. If you can't, it's not a huge deal, but some dude is saying I did it wrong (what else is new?).

    I'd do it now, but I'm heading out to practice and get ready for the tourney I'm hosting tomorrow.

    Thanks, Prime. <3
    Hey K Prime, I need to set up a Wifi match with you (as I recently joined High Voltage). My FC is 3867-3764-7301, and the username is Nick. When will you be on?
    One more question if I could ask? How exactly do you set the button combinations with that code?
    Awesome ^^. This definitely works for Wi-Fi right? But how would I transfer these codes to my text file?
    I just put on the music hack (inorite, took me forever), and I LOVE it. In return, sad kangaroo:

    Sorry to hear you're sick. :(

    You have until the end of tomorrow. If you want an extension because you still aren't feeling up to it by then, just ask.
    As I posted on AiB, you have until the end of tomorrow to either do your Ganongasm match or ask for an extension. Please respond.
    Idk He says he doesnt here it and I have the wifi one thx anyway, as long as I can here I guess...
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