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  • I've kept an eye on Mafia for the past days but there wasn't much voting. I'll be away for a bit next week, but after that I'll try to be of more help with votecounts again.

    -elder wizard from across the sea
    Are you still doing the MW bounty thing for the showdown?

    Sounds interesting I'd be happy to be on it if need be :D
    "Life... Dreams... Hope... Where'd they come from? And where are they headed? Such MEANINGLESS things... I'm going to destroy them all!"
    To replace into. If one of the players drops out or goes inactive for some reason (which isn't uncommon), we take a player from a replacement list, and put them into the inactive person's role.
    Hey Overswarm, why don't you sign up to replace into Tree stump / DBZ mafia? Both will need replacements.
    So I have a DS SD card. What games should I put on it to play during graduation? LOL
    I am intrigued. This hat of legends with the power to DQ you from an MLG tournament must be seen with mortal eyes. Though Chibo Sempai refused I'm happy to view such a magnificent hat so that no nights may be wasted crying thyself to sleep.
    I'm getting better though....I think. *shrugs* or not and I'll get kicked out of BBR and cry a little bit. It is interesting to see what is going on to say the least. + I would rather get my stupid **** out at the beginning and learn to argue better so when something else comes up I can help for real instead of being useless.
    Although I bear Q as avatar, I actually share the mindset of Vulcans or Borg, so I doubt I'll do anything unlogical unless being under the influence of a massive amount of emotions or drugs, which both are very unlikely events to occur.
    you should change your avatar everyday in hopes of making it really tough for omni to ignore your posts. mostly likely he sees the avatar and decides its you. it will be funny to try it
    I am aware of the potential harm of giving Metaknight a safe ground approach, but never the less, the metagame needs SOME sort of offense boost, as well as something to increase the skill gap for when MLG comes up. Without a way to cancel dash into anything, a lot of characters are left without an approach, and matches are left waiting for someone to approach. Yes, this gives Metaknight more incentive to hang off stage, but it also will encourage others in other situations to approach as well as giving them the tools to do so.
    Release the technique, we need it so that MLG will be exciting, fun, and competative and not a defensive Metaknight fest because I doubt MLG will ban planking.
    If you need someone to edit that 40+ page monster you call a document, I'm at work and bored. I'm in research, so technical writing is one of the things I do on a daily basis.
    Hey OS, you dont have to worry about MI trolling you anymore. btw sorry for any troubles in the past
    Lol. I wouldn't know. South Florida all of my life. Regardless, it does benefit something.
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