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    Unless you think Diego couldn't beat you if you played Akuma.
    diego umejuarez
    one day, you will be on AIM when I try to find you.

    And then I will tell you about Condemned

    (or maybe I'll give up an do a PM but they take so looong and I'm laaaazyyyyy)
    Pssh, I should consider invisible. :p Can't say I kept up the entire time, but I saw some of it. Very active for a first Day, though the current antics are kind of unfortunate. I was mostly drawn to it originally because I'm a huge MMX fan.
    Man why haven't I played one of your games.

    Like every damn time you host one I end up dropping by here to comment on something awesome but I never seem to /in one
    Thanks for your support in the Unity thread. I know there are more Picto supporters...idk where they are though -_-
    I'm sorry about your grandfather OS, my grandmother just died as well so i feel your pain man. Hit me up if you ever need somebody to talk to about it.
    I was really stunned by how good it was. I watched all of Batman: TAS first, and had seen some pretty amazing ****, but I just couldn't prepare myself for that ****. The looser content rules obviously did them all kinds of favors. And yeah, having Joker backstory and having it actually be good is both rare and cool.

    I assume you're discounting Batman '89 since Burton like never read anything about Batman, if I remember correctly, haha. I did like the whole "I know you are but what am I" of the YOU MADE ME stuff though. Also despite the lack of reading/research Burton's Batman kind of reminded me of the original Bob Kane Batman, from what I know of him. Mostly like present-day Batman, but if he has a mind to or doing so would make things easier on himself, he'll totally kill a guy and not give a ****. That was interesting.

    the important thing is that the joker is awesome and MOTP is awesome
    best avatar I've seen in a long time.

    You can trust me as an expert on this my avatar is a D.J. that is a bear.
    do you remember the rules of that all brawl tournament that was held in the midwest a while back? the one where you won and it was on an awesome livestream lol
    the only part i remember about it was 10 min timer, 4 stocks, sudden death is played out, and 2 people out of every 4 advanced, the winner, and the person who had the most kills. I don't remember how the actual bracket worked with that progression in mind.
    Do you need help doing votevounts on FF6? I'm following the game post by post because it's entertaining as hell, if you want i can be a co mod, and all I"ll do are votecounts, starting whenever you start the next Day. Let me know if you want the help ^_^
    You should get on aim at some point tomorrow, I had the most awesome concept for a mafia game ever and I need you to design it with me.
    I decided to check out Villains Mafia's OP to see what characters were in and confirmed thus far.

    Is that Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget? Good choice, sir.
    Of course depressing news is winning, my story was pretty horrible LOL. (I dont wanna clutter the thread so i'm posting that here) (=
    Hey it says your PM box is full. I have a Mafia related PM to give to you.
    Everyone does seem to love me.

    You don't get custom postbits for nothin' round these parts.

    If mk does a fullhop fair and falco shields it, does he have anything that can punish it? I'm stumped.
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