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  • Oh man, sorry Outlaw.
    I got tired X.x I'll brawl you another time when I'm not super tired, I'm like sweating like crazy. XDD You did an awesome job today pat yourself on the shoulder. Good games seriously. ^^

    I didn't think my kirby stood a chance against your ike. XD
    Uh, I got to get you added again, and stuff. Hold on I'm still brawling with these guys O_o;
    Oh no this isn't Ikemon. This is Katsu, and... The other one is Xin O.o; But I get gang ***** in the end when I'm all by myself without Blue Falcon. XD
    Sorry I didn't get time to even get back to you, by the time I read it, I got passed out I was tired from working hard. I hope you forgive me on that side note. ^^ Hopefully will brawl again soon.
    Yeah it was stuff, and gah, hard to talk about it, and yeah I understand when you get bored, So Outlaw later on today, you want to start this friendship thing all over again? ^_^ This time we should have fun?
    yea i have it n64 great game deff some crazy hard parts but i beat it once and got all the masks and **** missing 1 heart contanier tho
    Steak sounds good. X_x;... Well, I'm honestly feeling sick here irl, I've had the worse headache all day today, and this darn heat isn't making me any better. XDD So I might really sleep for a while until I get better, but hopefully I can brawl you later on tonight if I'm able to be awake if you don't mind?
    If you still believe in your heart, Thank god for giving the answer that was provided for me to say such words of honest, cause I never would of said this if it wasn't for god. Which is why I am blessed.

    Though I am honor that you are finding your path the right way. ^_^ Just keep those words going that's what makes us all become great brawlers, and hate evil that's what keeps us strong, but also show love because that is evil's weakness period. Hopefully these words will be a treasure to you outside of this world, or in the online world. ^_^ It has helped me, so I am sure the words will help you too.
    Awww -Blushes- stop that D< Your making me blush irl. XDDDD <--- Sounds weird I know. XD That's what us online peacemakers do, we help as much as we can cause of our experience online, I guess you could say even though I do hear that I don't deserved a lot things, I'm use to it, but if I didn't learn from it I wouldn't be who I am today, and hey it's okay to shed tears in life no one is stopping you. Your just expressing it!!!! XD

    I remember my mother told me to never cry, but I do cry for people, and I guess even if I cry I know I can't keep holding back things that hurt me or else I'll hurt myself or someone I love, but I think you know what to do now Outlaw, but remember be yourself I don't want you to lose yourself either okay? Cause honestly I think you can put your skills, and your heart to a good purpose, but indeed god bless you as well!!!! :3 So don't be ashamed if you want to express something.

    ( No matter how annoying the online can be sometimes. People who do talk like I do honestly will be here for the next couple of years or so to help make sure if they are okay. )

    Which is why I guess I understand my purpose bit by bit every time I go online. XD So yeah :3 Just stretch and say to yourself. "It's going to be okay." Cause it will. In the end it will be okay. : D<--- I say this all the time when I'm in a bad situation. So now that things are cleared up...

    I may not be the best at typing and what not, but if you understand what I say, then you are listening not from my own typing words, but perhaps Jesus would say these words to you if he were here, god or anyone you believe in. ^__^ Not only that it's the honest truth. XDDD

    SO Right now tonight, I think I'm just going to curl up in my pillow cause... I get headaches int he morning if I don't get enough sleep. XDDD Not that I often don't, and THANK GOD SUMMER IS HERE D<

    Note: If I miss anything you said earlier please forgive me as well cause... Honestly my mind is in a slump cause it's 12:08 AM eastern time. XD
    Oh I'm not going to like reject you all the way. XD I just though you needed time, and to know the truth is all, I just wanted to know what was going on, somewhere in your heart.

    Now I might sound corny every now and then, but I speak the truth with my heart if I have too, but you told me the truth, so I don't think your evil as you say you are. Though I have no idea how you really are irl cause I don't know you, same with me.

    However I took the time to read that, when you do have something on your mind about reality, and don't really want to conflict it to your friends online try expressing what is on your mind if you feel like it in private on PM if you wish to do that, I know I do, and honestly I go hang out in the ' Something bothering you.' Topic cause most of the time I get my answers from them, and sometimes I don't. I have to talk to friends online that want to be my friend to have a better social fun time to get their mind off of it, why not take a break from the online if you do, and go outside stand for a while think about what you want to do that you believe is really good, and take life one step at a time.

    I use to been like that, and honestly it never got me anywhere I don't mind talking to people you don't want to have my life XDDD Trust me it's.. >_>;;; Really wild, and more heart breaking, I just learn to forgive them, and go on with faith. That's the best way I can say it.

    Outlaw, your a great fighter like everyone here on brawl, and I think you have talent, and even if your mad don't let a little game like Brawl destroy friendship through the online world because it may be a fun first active brawl online game ever in Nintendo history, but it's not worth getting upset when it comes with losing those you enjoy playing or talking to the most, trust me on that side note. I had to much experience of that when I was on Gaia's SSBB Topic. It wasn't as hopeful as you think it is, that place will rip your spirit if your not to careful in their O_o;...

    Though what you do is only a anger of reality's or just something that is on your chest from your past, and want to get it off, but whenever you wish to share anything you feel I'll be glad to help as a friend, but for now : D Let's just take a breather before we one day decide to brawl each other, When you do feel really ready to do so with me. I want you to have a group battle, perhaps you can ask Blue Falcon, and a couple of other buds who want to join in and kick each others butt. :D We can watch you often make the most epic wins in the battle without letting any cancel time in our brawl fight. <--- Cause win or lose, were all still winners no matter what.

    SORRY IF I SOUND CORNY, BUT IT IS THE TRUTH ! : D Be~ Happy! XDDD Cause no on on earth now a days would dare say what I said, unless they are like me which could be different. O_o;....
    When I fight, it's like rick told me. Don't take this the wrong way, but when it comes with fighting style like he said. I like my own fighting style, and even if you or anyone doesn't like it nor the taunts. That doesn't mean I'm not going to stop the way I fight.

    As for our last convocation between you and me Outlaw, I have no idea if you will bother to read all of this or not, but if you do hear me out, I wasn't to happy about what went on between us, and simply I didn't feel comfortable so I moved on. That's why I didn't bother, to me you were cool at first until your words and the errors that was made with my marth fighting style got out of hand, Which is why I don't know if it is cool to even bother with it or not.

    However I won't hate you or anything like that, I forgive and stuff maybe just one day we could be friends when we really can fight without worrying how bad someone's fighting style is wither they spam because of a lame excuse or not. I dislike talking like this because I'm only speaking out how I feel on my mind to let you know why I'm not comfortable with you.

    I hope you understand, and don't take this to heart, but the first time I came here to this forum I came here to have fun, and meet friends. Not worry about if he is good or she is good. That's why I didn't bother with Gaia Online because the people in the SSBB Thread on Gaia were acting self center, wanting to be the best type of people. I know only a few who are not like that on Gaia, but please keep in mind. If you dislike the way I act, or what I say you don't have to message me. I say this because I don't take to much talk back for an answer, but I'm speaking this out now or else I would of said something not worth hurting those feelings who enjoy fun brawlers.

    So if we were to start fresh, give it time cause right now I am just not as comfortable as a before. Maybe if we have a group brawl again, possibly all could work out right. That's how I see things, but if not just move on.
    If you just want me to give you a simple answer, then no I don't want to bother with you. As you probably or probably not the same with me. Okay? So let's drop this subject cause I'm not comfortable at all around you.
    oh lol
    Perfect timing xD

    Anyways, you should find a new partner really quick, otherwise me and my partner will win by default, or your team will be replaced by another

    You should talk to the tourney host about it :)
    I'm one of your opponents for the doubles tourney we signed up for. We need to do our match asap! lol

    I'll be available all day today so hopefully you and our partners are too
    I could tell that Snake was not your main. I still remember that time when you used 3 fsmashes with Snake to kill me at 200%.
    I know. I was using my side B and thinking that it would it you. But then your fsmash pulverized me. Fsmash is just too good for me.
    that was fun i cant believe we beat it with snake and ike in 2:29 THAT WAS FAST.
    It's a 4 week vacation and I don't have access to my Wii.

    I'll do the tourney if it's still going when I come back.
    Should I quit outta the tournament because today's the last day before vacation :/. Then you won't have any partners. I'm sure you'll find another one; or do a 2v1 XD.

    Do you want to Brawl sometime today?
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