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  • No need for sorries, I learned an important lesson from my mistake: Never post in User Blogs.
    But why do people hate pacifists? It's rash and unreasonable<.<......
    Uhhh, sup?^.^; Yeah, I was looking at the Blog "IM TIRED OF THESE MOTHER****ING KIDS ON MY MOTHER****ING PORCH" when I saw you post that there was a nonviolent way to solve the dilemma. You really live up to you joining Calmness! I, on the other hand, got infracted for censor dodging by Queen Killjoy. She really is aptly named.....<.<
    i was just surfing the boards and I saw ANOTHER post where he was being a diick to you wtf?! lololol what a barnacle!!

    Out of all the days I'm not on you show up xD

    I'll be busy all day tomorrow, and most of Sunday unfortunately, but we'll still try for sunday k
    Yes, I have heard about Koth, I pray that the blessing was given, but sorry if I didn't make sense their, but I can't stand back stabbers, that's for sure. Though I know I have to keep forgiving people despite how bad they are, I have to keep doing that without holding hate inside my heat, but that's the last thing I ever want flowing inside my soul.

    say...do you know whatever happened to foof..? he hasn't been here since...forever ago!
    Hey outlaw..those were some good games...sorry bout the lag...I'm not sure whether that was my fault (my wii did take a long time to get online...)
    I've seen you've improved since we last chat...good deal...:)
    It's alright Outlaw, I'm a person just like you, I've been through a lot of situations in my life, but you don't have to worry I'm just letting you know you still have a person to talk if you ever need someone's advice or some words of hope, but just remember don't beat yourself up okay? ^_^
    Even if they don't crawl back to you, even if it is all your life. Just don't put yourself down like that in front of people who are trying to be your friends alright?
    You said you wasn't going to do self pity, Look what your saying, don't think you don't got anyone. At least your talking to me.
    Well I'm in basic brawl, I would brawl. XD Just take a break, you don't need to brawl me right now I'm just taking a break for tonight until Blue Falcon shows up. Probably we can group brawl again.
    When I look rage tastic I'm only very annoyed at the most.

    I still dont bloody care, I'm unfeeling inside really.
    See, It's all good. Just keep smiling, and move on, cause if your still talk about this subject XDDD then I suggest you go randomly play on Basic brawl and just be random in their. That's what I do. XD I laugh a lot when I play pikachu. XD
    Just don't think about it, you keep talking about it, it is going to be a bigger problem, so let it go. Move on. You got better things to do in life then worry about stuff like that. O_o
    Well let me say something about your second reply, I don't look at life as a waist, I treasure each moment that goes by even if I do feel like pain is ready to kill me. O_o;... I don't look at it wrong like that anymore, I'm a changing each day when I look at life's beauty. Yesterday when it was raining I took the time to sit outside with my family and watched the rain, and it was really pretty. We use to dislike the rain, but we have to learn to not let the small things really bother us.

    Now as for the second part I can name a lot of people who do nothing but spam, and use the smash button, and completely don't do any new fighting styles.

    Number one, it's good to know your not the only one making errors, but deep down in your mind if you know your making the same tactics over, and over then don't bother to engaged with someone else because they can't fight better. O_o;... Keep that in mind it took me a while to get over it. More likely a day cause I said it before. "It's just a game." XD Anyone can say it, and it pisses you off, but you learn to take it cause you know it's the truth get over it, we all win and lose in life : D Be happy, and try again That's my motto. <--- For now on.

    Number 2. If they are accusing you Outlaw, that's on them, not everyone going to like your fighting style, Ricky was great when he told me that, and reality slapped me really hard on the face when he told me. "I'm sorry if you don't like the way I fight, or my taunt, but I'm not going to stop doing that cause I like, and I still like you anyways." Which made me smile when he said that cause I had to make it clear. It is not his fault that the keeps throwing bombs, It was my fault that I got annoyed over something like that, and should of learn to pass such a simple task, but I didn't know how to do that yet. XD

    Number 3. Just ignore them Outlaw, you know your good at brawling, Me and Blue falcon can simply say your great, we all see each others flaws but we don't bark at each others neck. If we want to hear each others advice we would of asked for it. XD We would really laugh about it because we know we want to get better. : 3

    Last but not least Number 4. Don't let your heart be set against the blogs unless you have a good reason to know a friend is hurt, or someone is dying. Don't focus on someone talking about you, They don't know you irl, and you are a wonderful person " if " you feel that way about yourself. You make friends, they come and go, but your not going to have to be an *** about it just because someone else is acting like an ***. XDDD Just let it go, cause karma comes back to the other person who doesn't have respect.

    So that's what I keep in mind, I know a couple of people who do that, but I don't let it get to me I know what I can do, and that's on me. As for them if they can't defeat you then they should learn how to defeat you. That's what brawling should be about, and not to take it serious, but I'm with you Outlaw, what you once did was wrong, but now your making things slowly better, and for that. I will last quote.

    "Don't let a couple of words of hate, beat you down."
    Lol, Without edge guard I wouldn't be where I am today. XD Other then that it is great game. : D I love the Yoshi match, and kirby. XDD I was like. "O.o; " Along with Ganon, and Yoshi, I did not see that coming. XDDD

    As for my link, My Dark link I had no good reason to play him. I use to play good with Link, but Now a days I stick with toon link. :3
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