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  • it was creepy. being there actually didnt really feel special at all...the first thing i noticed was that everything seemed lower to the ground. but other than that it was really just a meh-ish visit. i didnt see anything special there at all, really.

    things wouldve gotten MUCH more nostalgic if i walked around the yard, no doubt. just going through the garage and to the back door was nostalgic because there was so much i had forgotten about, like the smell and that pole in the driveway and all sorts of random things like that. but yeah, the house was too tense to enjoy...i'm kinda glad i dont live there anymoree
    Hey looking forward to our brawl when do you think your available? i'm on est. so now it's 7:35 hopefully you have a close time zone. I'm booked Agust 1st afternoonbut otherwise i should be open. How about tommorow at 7:00pm est?
    yes it does.^_^ And yes, I'm brawling a lot of tough challengers. You should make your own account on allisbrawl, there are many challenging people there.
    Yo nib, hows it goin? I've been goin on AllisBrawl a lot and this other brawl site, it's pretty cool. I'm actually the best marth player on this one site that I'm on, it's awesome.^_^
    hahaha, I don't know why that happened....it was probably because the guy you were playing didn't accept the request...I don't know. No big deal, though
    Thanks for the games man. I'm getting tired is all. Hope your finger gets fixed up well and all!
    Rave you havin some problems lol. Anyways, Nibbity I don't have your friend code, kinda hard to play without it huh? Hit me up man!
    this is annoying, I've been waiting for my tourney challenger on wifi for like an hour and he's not showing up!
    yeah, you might want to get that healed before you battle, that might lead to some problems.
    Hey Nib, didn't know that you were also attending the online tourney by crazn. Wish you good luck on your matches, hopefully I'll see you in the finals.^_^
    DUDE WTF YOU SO DID NOT TELL ME ABOUT THIS EITHER AND IT HURTS MY FEELINGS. but seriously, where are you going? or where are you?

    also, are you gonna be around friday or saturday? because we really need to get together. i have a million stories to tell you, plus i'm going to teach you the art of STAGE COMBAT and show you some pimped out facebook crap. SO BE READY. and we're gonna have to get together dammit...i mean, like i said i'm available friday/saturday. sunday i'm not because of voice lessons. ANYWAY call my cell or talk to me on AIM or reply to this AND LET ME KNOW grrrr
    i am going to call you tomorrow at home and ask you how today went! SO BE PREPARED.

    i'd text you but i hit my limit, so yeah.
    Hey thanks man, I appreciate it....I've improved a lot from my playing in college. I still got a lot of work to do with Sonic, but I think it will come around soon. But thanks for the matches last night...and don't worry, we'll play again sometime
    DUDE, i love you and your playing brawl...

    but, like, you should yank yourself on AIM. unless you don't like stories about kids who boldly proclaim themselves to be drunks in front of all the camp counselors...
    go to user cp, then go to social groups, then find a group that best suits you, and then click on join. Of course, some times they might need to test your skill to see if you can be in their group. I'm in like 3 different clans, lol.
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