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  • Who won the fight between you and Fredy? I know you two played eachother, but no one ever told me who won.
    yeah, lol. Feel free to hit me up if you want to battle again, they're always fun battles that we have.
    so i'm home alone all next week. i feel like i should do stuff with friends (mainly ypcca-ers) then, even if just a little...though my mom told me absolutely not to. she's probably worried that i'm going to host some drunk party here or something (though honestly no matter what you do in this house it's boring).

    so gee, what do you think i should do?
    Yeah man, I noticed that your marth is still doing better every time I battle you. I think you use the dolphin slash attack a little bit too much, you might want to lighten down on those.
    hey man, ummmm.....I might be able to battle you around 10ish. Let me know if it works. And, which matches are you talking abouot? Our friendlies. Or...are we actually the next match-ups for the tourney?
    thanks i did mess up the kirby-cides a few times though lol i will one day master the art of the kirby-cide (: i do need to stop hangin around the edge though and become more offensive as for you know you had some nice combo and are on of the best marths ive seen. nice job
    hey good game. Any constructive critism for me? Your a great oppoent and maybe we could brawl again sometime?
    okay i Will be on at 7:00est tonight unless i notify you otherwise untill then also if your on when i'm on and such please notify me then so we can do it then We NEED to do this soon. Also i would like to delphino plaza just for the fact that it constanty transfers from walk of to fall off and that may disrupt my tactic. Also are you fine for lylat cruise for the first stage we battle?
    ...okay, now i DEFINITELY am, after creating my lovely phone numbers group. which i invited you to. :p
    well NOW i'm going to bed...i think. and yeah, phones kind of annoy me because it's just not the same. sure, verbal's better than text (to me anyway) as long as the other person is understandable.

    i do miss your sister and her friends, actually...seriously.
    it's k, i've been doing stuff too. mostly facebook-related, like posting on walls and tagging photos. and being extra-careful with my friggin super badass tattoo. duuude, i am so showing you facebook stuff when i get to your place. IT'S GONNA BE A BLASSSSTTTT.

    will your sister be around? i'm sure she'd LOVE the tattoo.
    i'm gonna ask my mom about tuesday. it seems fine though...but if my mom were to do the driving i'd probably have to get there really early...like 8ish or so...

    i'm going to tell you about my whole life that day! :D wooooo!
    sorry you where on then and i thought that was are only chance. Luckily he postponed it *phew*
    well, i remembered stuff. but it wasnt like i was pining for those days or anything, you know?

    and grrr. i posted on your wall since i hadnt been to smashboards in days because grease has made me so busy...ARE YOU GOING TO SEE IT? if you havent already that is...

    and like i said on your wall: WE NEED TO HANG OUT ASAP.
    Alright it's my fault probaly that we did'nt make it so i'l take the blame. okay I'll be on smash boards for the next 3 hours and if i don't see you then i'll tell other wise can brawl.
    hmmm....well maybe we can do some dittos again sometime and it will open up more techniques you can use.
    Yo Nib, I'm back!!!^_^ I had a nice little break off, but I really gotta get back into things. I totally forgot about the tourney and I need to battle this guy by today! Ouch, this could be bad.
    Okay then we have the same time zone GMT -5 est since im in VA. have you registered me? I can make it 5:30-6:00 or 8:00-10:00. I'll be checking occasinaly then to see if you're on when can you make it. When will you be on?
    hey sorry about all that confusion that was actually my other frein drab. i do have you registered though. we need to brawl soon cuase were running out of time. what state are you i goot a check our time zone..
    wait so for tonight? Sorry if you meant yestery uh you posted that at 12:33pm saying you'd be there at 7:00 pm so you meant today or we have different time zones. Also don't we already have Fc's exchanged? rember a few nights ago you were on with prez and me? i was blade i ussaly just go veiw post by people to get their FC. Also that night sorry we could'nt do the battle after a few matches with you and prez i was about to quit and ask you to come but you quit i did thiking you wanted to do the tourney. However you just got offline...
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