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  • hahahaha. The only thing I wish did not happen was getting 3-stocked after winning the previous match :p. That was kind of a downer for me. That match I wasn't moving much at all and I was relying on just smash attacks...not a good combo for succeess, let me tell ya. haha
    hahaha, thanks man. Yeah I've been practicing that over ledge fair move a lot against CPUs and it finally worked against a human opponent. But I was so worried about you hitting me if I got to the ledge too soon that I missed the ledge. hahaha. But yeah, I was happy with my air game today, especially vs. Marth, who's got quick aerials.
    Oh yeah, sorry about that. I was a little high there. Anyways, umm...we should set up some kind of 2vs 2 thing.
    school will actually give me a social life again, but still, i friggin miss camp people.

    i need to go to the durham fair this year.
    Hahahaha, and that's why I may have found my new main. I love playing as Lucario, but Sonic probably fits my playing style better. And don't worry about using the bike a lot....it's my fault for repeating side B even though I knew I was gonna get creamed. But seeing my Sonic do well overall really has my confidence up using him :). And thanks for the matches today...really got to gauge my play very well. :)
    hahaha, thank you for the kind words. I told you my other characters were rusty as hell. But yeah, I've been studying a lot of Sonic matches played by other people on YouTube....glad to see somebody thinks it is paying off.

    But you have improved A LOT since I last played you. Your Marth was phenomenal and totally annihilated my Wolf, and Wario gave my Sonic a lot of trouble (although Wario is a HORRIBLE matchup for Sonic). GGs 2nite, definitely worth the wait
    Tonight will probably work...although I may not be on for about an half an hour or so. I'd be happy to brawl then (Oh, and my Lucario may look a little rusty, as I've been playing w/ Sonic A LOT more the past couple of weeks).
    hahaha, it has been way too long. I definitely will be up for some games sometime soon....especially since I will mostly likely be Wii-less in college starting Sunday :(. Just let me know when you're available so we can brawl
    The reason is so hard is cause im a good warrior *smiles* but ur still right there in the top...for now at list *smiles*...can't wait for next time...
    ggs u really improve...like alot!...ur really great...i need alot of training now...*smiles*...im going to take a break if u don't mind *smiles*...i'll let u know when i want some more ok XD...
    dude i have sheet music for my audition piece. but since musical auditions are jan/feb, i have UNTIL THEN TO PRACTICE. HELL YEAH. i'm so getting the lead :D

    since you obviously are an EXPERT at playing piano, i should copy it for you so you can play it on the piano to help me practice, since you OBVIOUSLY are VERY capable of doing just that. obviously.
    yo Nibbity, gl with the tourney. I hear this blue guy is supposed to be pretty good. By the way, we should brawl today.
    I know is has been a while seens we face...n yeah i haven't played smash in a long time...i will start training soon bloody hell no im not letting my skill go down the drain...sure it would be an honor to have a good old match like before...PM me ok...
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