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  • Well even if you didn't get near the top 10, you were still able to attend a tourney, which is great.
    we're so good at this game. ahem.

    Anyways, I'll be gone till thursday night, so tell me if you learned anything new when I get back, because i've been practicing not killing myself haha.
    Yo, those were nice battles that we had! ^_^
    Sorry for the late response. So, you on at all tonight? It's funny that you are good with Falco and ike, because I am also good with those 2 as well. have you been battling on wifi a lot?
    Lol, I know. When Iwas posting on Nibbity's wall, I just happened to see your message and I was curious on what you meant. Sorry about that. So, you main Falco huh, interesting. One of my secondaries are Falco, maybe we could do a ditto match once you get wifi.
    sweet, sounds good man. What do you mean by lingo though? By the way, I forgot if I asked, but what is your main?
    So...who is this friend of yours? When do you think you'll get wifi, because I would like to battle you too.
    Thanks, but ummm, how do you know if I'm good if you don't have wireless internet. Did I battle you in person before.
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