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  • i got it for 360. im eventually gonna get xbox live cuz half the game is meant for it. and maybe a arcade stick but idk yet.
    Xiivi is merging Crit my Fox and the Video Archive, so I'll probably hand the keys over to you (since I am far too lazy to keep maintenance on something like that). Yay/Nay?
    Np, yeah I was really concerned myself bc I only have 360, but I think it would come to America too long for me to wait. I'd probably import it and hack my 360 or find some easier way to play it. My 360 is seriously falling apart though I need to get a new one -_-
    It's not PS3 exclusive....actually they aren't even sure what they are doing for a console release yet. I have a good feeling it will be on PS3/360, but I talked to the developers at the Comic Con and they haven't decided yet.

    and yeah I play it at China Town Fair
    hi there, im a real fox player and i wanted to post my videos on your list, i got my fights recorded on tough match ups that i won with fox, i hope you like them,

    META vs FOX
    pika vs FOX
    lucario vs FOX
    olimar vs FOX

    i hope you enjoy, i would like to here from you too, i worked real hard on this but i sure you would help me out and others as well. thanks for giving me the privilege to post these,:)
    Hey NKB I can't during weekdays, but i'll add you and lets definitely get some games in this weekend......I need to tilt **** a Fox again lol.
    hey there, i've seen you all over the place on the fox boards, and was wondering if you would like to play sometime ^^
    Lol actually no. I dont like rob At all but im decent with him so i have to use him. I also use like snake,diddy,marth and some others. Thnx for the shout out bro :)
    Ok nice. i wouldnt let Fox go. im makin up a new style right now an its hard as crap to perform. my old style is getting old :/ time to update :D
    haha nah man falco is just my 2 main. i only have 2 mains thats it. Fox as my avatar an falco as the little icon thats it
    Alright it's on. So during this challenge to not use the Dair I decided to play the Fox boards.
    Mars-beat me (that was before the challenge so we need a rematch)
    You- not played
    Switch- not played
    Jiggly- I beat him/her
    A6M- went even (that was before challenge but I don't think we will see him for a while)
    Me- well I can't play me, I is to good for myself (bad english on purpose)
    Light- even
    Zorai- I'm not gonna play him if he doesn't know what he is talking about.
    Mav- not played

    Yea you see where I'm going with this. But outside the Fox boards ever since this challenge I am unbeaten I beat people I couldn't beat before I even three stock some one he went to Fox got three stocked, went to his main and was about to be three stock but quit before. This challenge is advancing me really fast it seems.
    So I'm also taking time to learn the match-up first hand. I missed my first Irl tourney in America yesterday. When a new one comes to Atlanta. Expect to see a newcomer Fox to rise. =D Fox will have some rep soon. Maybe I could get my bro to rep. too before I leave America.
    hey man, nice talkin to ya at the tourney. I'ma try to come to chus bi-weekly, but its lookin grim right now. :( anyway see ya around. Tell Saint he also did well in teams.
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