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  • Huh, I SWEAR I registered you before going to bed. I just entered your code and I see you as offline now. That's weird. I wonder who I added then, since nobody is awaiting it now ?___________?
    Uh, yeah, I know how to do it <__________>
    I already added you as a wii friend, didnt realize you also had to be a brawl contact as well, since I have only added people who were already contacts to my contact list :O

    I will do it sometime tomorrow. Too tired.
    I forgot about our conversation, my apologizes for not replying for so long xD

    Ah, South Carolina. I'm Canadian, not too good with state abbreviations. :3

    Depends on the size. There's a local store that would love too, but it's too small to host anything like that. If you can find a place, it would be great. Even stores like GameCrazy and stuff will host if you ask. If all else fails, try for a cheap community hall.
    yes, we have this teen area and I just did it there. Its on a seperate floor from the adult area you see.

    I would contact a library or church and see if they'd be interested. Where's SC btw? xD

    Post a thread in the tourney listings and your respective Regional Zone and gain some interest. Advertise at the library/church itself. Get some friends involved.

    No worries, i'm glad to help.
    Try hosting one as a fundraiser for your local church or library. I started by hosting one at my local library myself. After getting yourself known, you can try hosting bigger ones at community halls and gyms. Hope that helps. : )
    A2ZOMG didn't record any because most of the matches took forever. Hopefully we can do short matches so he can record them.

    The lag was not bad at all; in fact I experienced next to no lag. We're both on the west coast so that really helps.
    Only 6 people showed up so we just played round robin. I wrecked everyone and didn't lose a single game. Oh well, I'll go next week's gamecrazy tourney and hope the Wiimote controls handicap me enough to make it a challenge. lol

    I need to play A2ZOMG more. We'll probably do more G&W dittos in the future :)
    There are a couple of stickys in the tournament section that are a great primer for running a tourney. nealdt's "ABCs of tournament hosting" would be an excellent place to start.
    I know that SC isn't a smash hotspot, but you should start running tourneys or something. It appears Al_Di_Medola thought of the same idea.

    Too bad I'm all the way in Oregon... lol
    yeah, sandhills is like 45 mins from me though. if there was i tourney id go.
    the closes mall to me is Columbiana Center. they have a gamestop too, and there are two on Harbison.
    sadly... ther are no "hot spots"
    SC sucks for gamers...
    but i really would like to play some real competition.
    thats cool, i dont live too far from there. i go to Dutch Fork.
    we should host a tourney... theres like NO competition around here :(
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