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c. hood
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  • Ummm nope . I request like at 11-11-08. but your shop was close and i missed you on time >.<. Then the day you post it saying repost your request. I did repost my request at 11-13-08. and then i just relize that you made sigs for some guys who were after my request. and i was just wondering if i did something wrong
    Chood. Whats up >.<

    ahhh my internet is down atm and im using the school's computer. Its gay cuz they block wiipals.

    So if anyone looking for me tell them i have no internet atm but i know ima get it back. IDK yet soo yea. :)
    idk. i wouldnt say i'm sticking with a set style yet though because i'm still learning a lot.
    thanks. i know how to use c4ds. what did you mean by the effect part?
    wow! the dragon sig you made me is amazing! thank you very much! would you like me to credit you in my sig? or do you think that would just give you too much work?
    He is probably the best yoshi here

    i need to brawl him

    but seeing as i'm using a noob account i doubt he'll bother
    I was bored and looking at a litter box


    anyway i'm bored now
    i need to brawl bwett *sigh*
    No it's a errr that thing you use so cats do their thing there
    ummm forget the name XDXD

    o yea litter
    MUAHAHAHHA! noob

    i bet you don't know who i am

    jesus christ my old account doesn't exist anymore
    or i guess for inactivity or something soo gay
    Dude go to the official critique thread and take off ure sig there.Edit ure post and go advance then click on ure "show sig" check thingy..uncheck it so it wont be seen.THANKS.
    Btw for my sig's theme a mixture of darkness with beams of light so neon like
    rising from the bottom
    and the avi Same effects but in the form of phazon so a swiggle or tentacle idea but again with light and darkness have them rising from the bottom

    ...but when I add in the text, it gets cut off

    I needz u 2 shorten it plz
    Yeah, put in the entire phrase...people have asked me what the MK in my name stands for, and nope, it doesn't stand for 'Meta Knight'. I just thought of 'Maestro Kirby' today, and and I thought it had a nice ring to it.

    I need space for two lines of text, so I can write in at the top 'I've finally figured out what the MK in my name means!' (which would be followed by "Nope, it doesn't stand for 'Meta Knight'" in the sig) and I can credit you for the work at the bottom
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