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Recent content by Neb

  1. Neb

    Trashed my favorite...

    I like Radda's G&W too
  2. Neb

    Trashed my favorite...

    Thanks for looking into that. They sure love trolling us with new G&W tech that only function as mix-ups :facepalm: Could be he's meant to be played this way.
  3. Neb

    Trashed my favorite...

    Do you have any idea what frame utilt hits on? Might be a good juggle setup Oos, or just a jab/upb mixup.
  4. Neb

    The Great Grand Father of Video Gaming! - Mr. Game & Watch for Smash Bros. Switch

    I said he is struggling against rushdown character's, not that he is one. And G&W's frame data is nowhere near as a good as a swordsman. As far as everything else you said, we are in agreement.
  5. Neb

    The Great Grand Father of Video Gaming! - Mr. Game & Watch for Smash Bros. Switch

    Yea. It's sad because if he wants to start something he has to go out on a limb, and since he's light and doesn't have easy kill setups - it becomes a losing game. Us figuring out the full extent of his upb follow-ups are gonna subvert that to an extent; otherwise G&W's mobility, retreating...
  6. Neb

    The Great Grand Father of Video Gaming! - Mr. Game & Watch for Smash Bros. Switch

    @Rakurai Wanna know your thoughts on G&W's closeup game. Seems to be his biggest problem in my experience when character's have the data to box him out up close. On the ground he can only run away with upb or jump and retreat with fair/bair. Once they get below him, if they have the frames, G&W...
  7. Neb

    RIP Manhole Cover

    The dtilt is actually buffed - it knocks them at a low angle that forces an SD or outright kills around 80% near the edge. G&W's hurtbox is equal to his crouched position when he uses it and many attacks whiff. I noticed the manhole clashes with swords even when the sword touches his head and...
  8. Neb

    Ledge trapping: F-air to spike

    Big ups to |3ryce and Poco: 1. Chef is a legit projectile, arches can be controlled to throw food longer/shorter distances 2. Bucket absorption makes G&W invincible and can shield next frame, low cooldown 4. Oil Panic covers opponents in muck and there's a forced sit down animation for...
  9. Neb

    Something promising...

    Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ic0xR07DhSY Time Stamp: 0:08 Direct Judge confirm out of this throw?
  10. Neb

    G&W's Up Aerial = Amazing

    Developing a trap around off-the-ceiling kills would be a worthwhile topic of discussion. It would balance his death-to-KO ratio, and possibly present a better option than to land the second hit outright, since uair can KO at any percent when timed in conjunction with a jump, or other form of...
  11. Neb

    Social Mr. Game & Watch Social - The Flat Zone

    Good for you, @Mr. Escalator - can't wait to see your G&W.
  12. Neb

    Social Mr. Game & Watch Social - The Flat Zone

    I need to see it myself. I lent my console for a little while, so its impossible for me. If someone could capture it used as ^ describes, I'd really appreciate that. I am too curious. And Esc. Boy, it sounds like you've come a long way. So good to hear about your success! All the more impressed...
  13. Neb

    Social Mr. Game & Watch Social - The Flat Zone

    Ha! Bro... I called for back-up months ago. But best of luck this weekend. How have you been placing with Oli?
  14. Neb

    Mr. Game & Watch v1.0.8 [COMPLETE]

    I feel we can find ways to rack more percentage off our follow-ups - working to counterbalance his lightweight. Dthrow should generally be the overall focus of his playstyle as everything from damage, to juggling, KO's, and edgeguarding is able to spring from it. When we see the limits of G&W in...
  15. Neb

    Mr Game & Watch Tips & Tricks - Cobbs Games

    I learned nothing. But this should be very supportive for players just picking up the character.
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