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  • Well, one sprinkle of gold in an otherwise steaming pile of ****.

    Okay, I'm exaggerating here (since Valkyrie Profile was pretty good, too), but I think that Square and enix were in their best times when separate, and with the end of the SNES era, they pretty much crashed down.

    F*** Sony for their stupid Playstation. Without it, we'd still have Sega in the console market, Squeenix making good games, Simon Belmont instead of Solid Snake as Konami character in Brawl and no stupid Sony fetishists.
    <- This game was made in Square's really golden ages. When it wasn't combined with enix. Those were the days. Both companies made gems.
    lol I got an infraction (actually, just a warning I guess) for that thread somehow. Even though I mostly tried to keep it in order and NOT be offensive.

    I dropped group all the time from idiots. Unfortunately, unless you're in a good guild, you meet idiots a lot in that game.

    My main was a Human Death Knight when I quit, Lucyford on Crushridge. Before that, I played a Warrior to 70 (Nahlia), a Rogue to 70 (Lurue), a Shaman to 80 (Nahlias), and a bunch of 49 twinks (Mage, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Druid, Warlock). My mage was my best, he even had Spellshock Leggings (he was pretty much perfectly twinked, I could 1-shot 49's that weren't pallies/warriors pretty consistently).

    You can see why I quit.
    Indeed, when people are smart and not starting trouble, pretty much anything can go in that game and things will be ok. One idiot is enough to make me drop group though, lol

    My main's a Blood Elf Priest (friend just had to be one, lol) and we play on Feathermoon. I figured that if I played a class that appeared to be pretty serene on a server like Feathermoon, I could enjoy the game a lot more. I think it's working so far.... maybe...

    Trying to play a mage now, but the mage forum is not helping me lol
    The main stupid thing that people do is making bad decisions and getting killed by something they can move out of. I tell them ahead of time that if they don't move, I won't heal them, and things tend to work out. The idiots there are kinda funny.

    The ones here... ugh.
    Yeah, you're right about that for certain.

    And the thing is, while there were some people in that thread I wholeheartedly disagreed with (like all of them), they were at least making attempts to not fall on their faces.

    I can't stand dealing with people who refuse to try and debate something back but instead blow it all off because they don't want to hear what you have to say. This may be the second time people have actually given me a headache with just how stupid they are, the first time being in some thread by some nobody with similar stupid **** to say.

    Oh well... I guess until next time?
    Yea, don't bother. It'll save you a lot of nerves. That's why I stopped talking to random nubs and scrubs and only talk to people who at least know stuff, haha.

    In any case, I shall head to bed. It's almost 5 am and I'm a friggin zombie.
    It'll be on this page, under the infraction tab above the message box.

    Might as well stop because god****, this is like a middle school argument right now.
    Just stop posting in it. It has no sense. You will not make em stop. They're stupid. People are simply idiots, and you can't change their prejudiced opinions about stuff even if you say the same thing 9001 times.

    I mean, look at that Tien guy... He was seriously discussing in that thread while not even knowing all the facts respectively using MISINFORMATION.
    It's just like the people saying Bowser is slow or that Zero Suit Samus has a bad recovery.

    Ignore them. Live your life on. You won't be able to make them become intelligent.
    Might as well, god knows that I'll get banned from this though even though I only have one point right now, lol.
    Hahaha. Silly red fluffball who's been experimented with and is a cheap ripoff of Celes... :p

    Yes, my tournament will be in Austria. Hosting a tournament in the USA would be a liiiiiiiiittle difficult for me.
    Never played Ikaruga either. Heard lots of good stuff about it, and it looks awesome, so I'm very tempted to get it.

    Regarding places to eat, you've probably heard this already but you should definitely check out Shwartz [3895 St Laurent], a place known for its above par smoked meat :p. Also, if you've never eaten a poutine before, I would suggest La Banquise [994, Rachel E], pretty much the best poutine you'll get to eat in montreal (go for a Large T-rex if you like meat!). You should also check out Crescent street, which is pretty much the heart of the clubbing scene; there are some pretty good restaurants too. Saint-Laurent st. (starting from sherbrooke and going up north) & St-Denis st. (between st-catherine and sherbrooke) are also pretty lively, day and night and both offer wide selections of restaurants/bars/clubs.

    Regarding Smash, we have weeklies on Wednesdays @ the Gamers' World (snowdon metro) from 6 to 11pm. There's a 7$ fee unless you bring your wii, in which case you pay 5$ (still a rip off), but due to the fact nobody has a house to host fests regularly, this is the most convenient location we could find. Do you play Melee or Brawl mostly? We have pretty good Melee players in the region (Chester, Kage, Vwins, Bam, pkmvodka) and I'm sure they'd be up for some games. We do also play Brawl (Ally/Holy live in the region) though some of the community started to have a growing interest for B+. In any case we have the Montreal Thread and the Montreal Weeklies thread to contact us if you ever want to do anything extracurricular =p.
    The characters, the music, the story (it was in several huge chunks ripped off from FFVI... same goes for the characters, btw), the materia-system, the lack of Amano in the character art, the fact it was the game that started those MOTHERF***ING HUGEASS UNCANCELLABLE SUMMON CUTSCENES, and those stupid fanboys and fangirls hyping this game so much into oblivion and stating blatant LIES about it.

    It never was the best game in history and never will be.
    The story is not amazing, it's just FFVI's with a couple more explosions, bigger swords and some sissy silver-haired dude in a coat stabbing a girl from behind.
    The graphics are neither good nor revolutionary - Panzer Dragoon, another RPG came out BEFORE FFVII and had better graphics. In fact, Panzer Dragoon was so much better than FFVII in every aspect! >_<
    I remember when I got FFVII, I was severely disappointed. I've been a fan of round-based RPGs for a long time, but I never played Final Fantasy prior to VII (mainly cause VII was the first to be released in Europe. Ahem.). In any way, everyone was like "OMG, it's such an awesome game, the best RPG you'll ever play", etc., and so I got it, I played it and... I was very disappointed.
    I tried out other FFs later on, VIII first, and... it sucked too, but at least Edea was cool and the music was better. So yea. Then I went on to play the prequels, and found IV to be the best, directly followed by VI. And they're SO much better than the 3D games. I played IX then, and since that was more based to be like the Classics, it was pretty good. And I played X only halfway until I hated it. The rest of the series I didn't touch anymore.

    I'm probably the only person who hates the first FF they played.
    FFVII was horrible. The worst game in the series. At least of those I played. :(

    Though Red XIII was okay. He was at least a more interesting character than most of the others... I only liked him and Hojo, to be honest.
    I am assuming you are one of two people.

    Both have payed for me to enter a tournament before. XD
    Alright, I'll try to catch you if I'm ever on.
    (right now I'm doin homework, back-to-school is a hassle...lol)


    That's mine.
    Naw, our first social thread got busted by Gimpyfish (when he was an active mod still), and some procarios left/became less active. At one point in the "good ol' days", even Azen made the occasional post in the lucario boards, but I have to admit, the boards are starting to get better...
    As of now, they're kind of "in limbo" and inactive.
    I guess you could say they are cool, but you should of seen them 7 months or so ago lol. They were arguably the nicest boards.
    Yeah TL is pretty **** too. That projectile game combined with some other nice tools (zair comes to mind) are solid.
    Shoot, I wish I would've seen this message earlier. I was just on Wi-Fi today.
    What's your Brawl Friend Code? I'll add you.
    I have 2 tabs alone for SWF, and like 20 others for other boards and sites.

    One for char discussions. One on the main page.
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