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  • lol, I've played every single Mario Kart game in existence, and I found MKWii to be the absolutely hardest Mario Kart in the series.
    Too easy? lol, you obviously never played on 150cc, the CPU there is merciless with rubber band blue shell chains. :p

    C. Viper is pretty awesome, though... I mean, she's a red-haired cold-hearted agent using jetboots and electrocuting gloves. What's not to love? She's also incredibly technical.

    Oh, and I almost beat his MK on RC (my counterpick)

    I was proving a point..

    I also was going stock for stock with Tyrant's MK on RC (friendlies), then landed on a rug and died. -_-

    I earned a bit of respect though, Tyrant wasn't wrecking me. Haze wasn't 3 stocking me anymore (I even took a game off him FOR THE FIRST TIME. LAWL. I hate the snakevsMarth matchup....) and DSF didn't wreck me horribly this time either.

    First time Haze ever shook my hand after playing. :x
    Haha. Red normally does squat unless the Red is known for being an awesome smasher.

    I'm not really "known" yet.
    Great thread, I read it. But it didn't really apply to me. :x So I couldn't give an HONEST opinion of if it helped me or not.

    and "great thread, deserves a read by most" just didn't seem worthy enough of a reply.
    Naw, I didn't expect you to be fat. xD I simply don't know, I would've guessed you looked different. :V

    And no, married people are not sexy. They're tied to someone, which is hell of unsexy. They're also heterosexual (unless they're from Spain), so they're even more unsexy.

    I don't know what I was expecting, just certainly not what you posted. :O

    And pah, you're married. You no more sexeh.
    I dunno, maybe. Though there's quite a few insomniacs on SWF. So that might have happened with someone else.
    I also think that I'll be hopping to bed now.
    Since I posted it around midnight and it's almost 4 AM now, not many, but those who read it liked it.

    Currently I'm having some problems with my internet, so the odds are that I can't see them now. I'll check them out if everything's back in order.
    I'm living in Austria and my father's Austrian, lolz.
    I always refer myself as being a Russian though cause I don't like being associated with Austria per se. xD
    MS is not as gimmicky as Sony, at least when it comes to consoles.

    I also don't know their ads since I have no reception of US TV. I generally have no reception of TV, thus my brain has not become some mush.

    I actually don't like watching movies. They usually bore me. A lot. Unlike with say, books or video games, you just sit there and let it spill all over you, and most movies are bull**** anyway. There's a few exceptions, though. TV series usually go, 30 minutes is not so bad to sit through, but 3 or more times of 30 minutes is.
    I just hate Sony, because Microsoft at least doesn't lie into the people's faces like Sony does. And MS is not as gimmicky as Sony. Which is why I also loathe Apple.

    And about zombies - I just laugh my arse off at horror movies, they're the best sort of comedy for me, more so than actual comedy movies, haha. It can be zombies, but also aliens or monsters or so.
    The only movie that was remotely good in that genre, simply because of the great atmosphere, was Alien.
    But that takes the fun out of the horror movie. The amusing thing about this genre is that they have utter bull**** explanations for what's going on and they end up incredibly hilarious, but not intentionally. It's the fact they try to be serious about the whole thing that makes them so funny. If the movie doesn't take itself seriously, it's no funny horror movie. :(

    Though that Alice in Wonderland-trailer that's in the related videos caught my interest... I love Tim Burton. :V
    Yea, they know how to crush their competitors with great press conferences. RIIIIIIIIDGE RACER! With Real Time weapon change.

    Also... that movie seems to be horrible. How can you make a parody on something that's already comedy on itself (horror movies)?
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