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  • Yea. I just doesn't know. If they think I'm less of a human being because I stick my **** into a guy instead of a girl, it's them who miss to get to know other, very interesting people. *shrug*
    Well, I know a lot of really conservative (not meaning the political sense here) and/or religious people who are either for equal rights or at least tolerate it if there are. And they're sometimes pretty cool people, either.

    I've even had talks with a catholic and a protestant priest, and both of them were more tolerant. The protestant even said something among the lines of "God made nature, and everything in nature has been approved of God. He loves everyone equally. Homosexuality is no sin, it's silly to think otherwise. Even if the Bible states it's bad, but we're not living in 2000 years ago.".

    A very wise man. He was living in my birthtown. One of the few people I'm missing.
    lol, I know. It's just them wanting power. That's all there is. Power and people following them so they have power over them. Although there sure are some who really believe they're the mouth of God or something, but those usually are those silly people claiming they're Jesus etc. lol

    But yea. The tolerance and equal rights for homosexuality will take some while. Probably not as long as it took for women and emancipation to happen, but it'll still take a while.
    It's hurting the will of God, rawr. :mad:

    But seriously, it's just like rascism. Gays are "others". Most people, unfortunately, are highly xenophobic. Unknown things are hard to predict, especially with low intellect, leading into this. If these people don't know what to expect, they are absolutely helpless, and don't give the benefit of doubt, but rather choose to avoid it.
    That being said, I wish the religions would accept homosexuality as natural, since it is. It would make things so much easier for liberalizing it.
    Hehe. Well, I won't argue that. And I think it's noone's right to tell someone whom they are allowed to share the bed with, etc.
    It's like saying that people listening to Metal are worse people, or something.
    I have no idea how he came up with it, but it cracked me up as well.

    And yes, Brent Corrigan is hot. My favourite gay porn star. :3
    Nah, cause he is one.

    Also, my personal favourites are Marc and Mic_128, though Hylian is good too :D
    Yeah, I'm pretty much all Mario. I figure if I ever need to stray from him to win a match, I'll go MK to cover all my bases.

    *cosigns with Spadefox on the whole friend thing* And they all appear to be cool, rich kids XD
    Of course it's better than the old one, it's fecking Maleficent. :mad:

    Also, I love how you had like 3 friends yesterday and now they multiplied XD
    'Ello Govner! :laugh:

    I'm a great deal better than what my older vids show. I have a new tag/color and everything now XD

    I'm also less....stupid XD

    Thanks for the compliment though, I appreciate it. I wish we could have a few matches myself :ohwell:
    The one before was a raccoon... so not fox-ish at all. <.<

    And that's Maleficent's dragon form. You know the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty? She's the villainess.
    Not that I remember, but I remember someone using a monocled and top hatted Pika around the forums.
    Hey Spadefox, your avatar looks great with the monocole and top hat lol. You should keep it like that permanently.
    Pretty much, lol.

    I made them for myself (of course), ChiboSempai, Santi, Hylian, Ignatius, Dastrn, Tero, Sethlon, Inui, Fiction (who hasn't requested it, tho, but I had an awesome idea, lol) and am currently working on Joshu.
    Is that the Vic Viper in a top hat? You're hardcore. :bee:

    Also, want to play some suckfi for awhile?
    lol! I would've used a picture with his options and put little hats and monocles on each of em. xD
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