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  • Lucky.

    "I'M GONNA RAAAAAAPE YOU. :D", says the clever Yoshi.

    Wow, that's so freakishly accurate.
    Nice Simon Belmont evolution. Of course, I still think he went downhill when they decided he was red-headed...

    Basically, after SCV4.
    I'm 1817 now, I'm like 50~ now. =] 76 wins, 8 losses. <3 haha

    Going to get the 100 different people badge, and try to break 1900. Stay under 10 losses, and have over 100 wins. <3

    Wish me luck. lol
    Yeah, it would have been fun.

    Right now I'm just trying to get into the playoffs for the AiB ladder. So close <3

    Rank Score Games Wins Losses Win% Streak Best
    66th 1800 83 75 8 .904 17 wins 19 wins
    I didn't even go to Genesis. :( Was $20 short.

    I'm hopefully going to a tourney this weekend. I'll let you know how I do. <3 I'm planning on 2nd, losing only to Dao.
    MMO doesn't make me $, Smash does. That's why in 2002 I quit Runescape for competitive Smash. =p

    Wow :s... I rarely even see snow, and I still get to deal with 110 degree heat depending where I am. (Desert sucks)

    Jon T is power ranked in CA, I think he's 5-8 (one of those) lol. But yeah :/ he basically called me a scrub who didn't know what they were talking about because I haven't placed... hopefully I was able to prove my worth with my matches he saw.... so there shouldn't be any stupid hate between us now. He's legit, I stated I was wrong, and hopefully proved my worth to him so he'll at least CONSIDER my words.

    Also I'm 16. I work, like 3 different jobs. =p

    I pick up dog **** for a guy (need to advertise more) for $15 a week.
    I'm a web designer, my photo teacher is paying me $1400 to design her website + reffering me to her student+friend's work (they make portfolio's for photographers/artists and they may hire me)
    I'm a gfx designer - freelancing, and it's only now-and-then
    I'm going to be a TO soon. =] Got permission from my friends parent's to host in their garage. Hopefully will be making $75~ a week off venue+selling food/snacks. (I'm in it to make a smash scene, the $ is just a bonus and I need it so I can go take drivers ed and stuff. I'm sure people will understand that I will lower the venue (which is going to be either $5 for both doubles+singles+melee/low tier tourney or $2 for doubles OR singles OR melee. So you save a buck for entering all 3. lol) and will lower it to $3 for all ($1 each) after I have my liscence.
    Yah, I'm SoCal.

    Bardull freaking wrecked me however <_<

    And in crews, me and Dao ( a Diddy main) basically took out 1/2 the other crew by ourselves... it was epic.

    (Dao place 3rd at that tourney. MikeHaze placed 1st, and Jon T placed second)

    Jon T is pretty legit :/ at first I thought he was 'good' and a bit of a jerk... but I had to take that back after playing with him in teams and seeing him play. Kinda sucks to have to bite my tongue but... sometimes you have too.

    Also sleep is for those with lives.
    I play WiFi, and at tourneys. I almost beat mikeHaze if that lets you gauge my skill. Then again, he may have been sandbagging <_< who knows.

    72 is nothing. That's like my.... daily time of being up. lol

    I work as well, rarely sleep, and play smash. All of that accumulates to 4 days in 2 weeks. lol
    Lol... I lurk a little too much.

    So far in my summer (2 weeks, 14 days, x amount of hours)

    I've spent all but about 4 days on SWF. Yes, I'm counting in hours total....I don't sleep much.

    8-10am to 3am the next day is about my schedule when I'm at my house :x...

    I lurk tooooooooooo much
    Haha =]

    I try not to infract unless I feel they really deserve it. But that's probably because I spam quite abit and troll a ton. XD

    However I lurk enough and no life enough that very few can actually call me dumb. lol
    I was going to cite about 15 examples of games with unviable characters and games with many banned characters.

    I decided not to, and that it wasn't worth my time because he'd ignore it anyways.

    People who are just ignorant piss me off. I don't care if they are a noob. I was a noob, but I wasn't ignorant as ****.
    I love you. lmao.

    Also that person who has no idea what they are talking about needs to watch more competitive gaming....
    Though I suppose it's easy to mistake Samus for a man, since she's manlier than like 80% of the male characters.
    If you want to have fun or cool discussions, Wario boards.
    If you want to seriously troll, Bowser boards or Peach boards (as avenge).

    And yea, that thread is like a bunch of hostility. =/
    Yea, I'm refraining from posting in it, until there's discussion that's worthwile to participate in.
    We're not talking about the tier list, but about what someone sometime somewhere posted and why.
    Make me a certificate that proves I'm not able to do anything, lulz.

    Nah, I dunno. I guess there's no chance I can avoid it, so I just hope that the situation soon is solved.
    I probably wouldn't, if my country wouldn't be a dumb ****.

    We have forced military service here, with the alternative of civil services if you don't want to have service with weaponry (like I do). The thing is, due to my joints, I have problems with my back and am not allowed to take heavy weights (like ambulances or retirement homes), so I disqualify for like 90% of all civil service places. Yet, I have to do it, otherwise I'll get imprisoned or some ****. But there's like hardly a company which will take me since I haven't done it, so basically I have to wait in unemployment.
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