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  • Ack... sorry I didn't get your response in time. I had to vanish. I'll be on later tonight as well as tomorrow afternoon, though, so feel free to drop me a PM if you'd like to play! :bee:
    Yeah, I'm kind of an old fogey. :laugh:

    You probably wouldn't find me very interesting to be on the same side of an argument with, heh. I generally tend to spend very little time acknowledging posts that are on my side, only because I feel it's a little redundant for people that agree with each other to pat each other on the back for it. :)

    Just the same, I'll definitely be in touch. Maybe we could even play a few games on lolfi sometime, heh. :bee:
    Yea, it does. Especially in something needing finger dexterity like fighting games. >_<

    But yea. I'd go to bed soonish, as well, so it's not like you'll miss too much, lol.
    I don't know how it's called in English... only can directly translate from German and hope it's correct.
    It's a joint insufficiency.

    What it does is basically limiting the full movement of my joints. As well as making the hurt like the fires of hell if they're used very much in a short amount of time, such as holding a controller. <.<
    I have a hereditary defect on all of my joints, including my fingers. I'm not able to perform technical stuff like Wavedash. I tried making up with learning characters that don't require technical gameplay, but I still wasn't really good.

    I got put down because of these 2 things by the Melee players here. So I just gave up on it. I like Brawl more than Melee. And if I only get **** for trying to play Melee for them, they can kiss my ***. <.<
    How did you get that impression? lol. I just can't play with her in Brawl, that's all. I tried playing as her but she's so extremely different from Melee that I simply can't. I still respect her as a character and Mid Tier.

    But yea, I never played Melee competitively either, and when I tried, its players caused me to just leave it alone. Brawl's too good.
    Hahahaha. xD
    Epic win. Seriously.

    Also, to understand that pic, you have to know that I've played Peach in Melee.
    Yea, lol. I'm not too good with English cooking vocabulary. The stage's basically a huge bakery, and that's its boss, haha. Also:

    Dracula's Curse is amazing. It's just really really challenging. Probably one of the hardest platformers I've played, and easily the hardest Castlevania game. Many people are turned off by its difficulty.

    Well see there's a reason for everything. :3

    Also, yea, Klonoa is like the best platformer series in existence. ^_^
    Hurrhurr. I even know the second player one is called Lord British. I also know that Gradius Gaiden has 2 new types, called Jade Knight and Falchion Beta.

    I also know pretty much every boss has their own canonical name, but I have trouble putting them correctly. Big Core, Core Mk II, Heaven's Gate and whatnot else.
    In Sexy Parodius, a PSX part of the series, a playable character is Option, and it has little Vic Vipers as options.
    lol, "sh" sound. I like tons of games, actually. Ranging from Roundbased strategy over shmups to FPS. :p
    Pff, I'll just build a hotel. :p

    Also, don't you dare to object to anything Dark.Pch has to say. Don't you DARE. :mad:
    Yes, but I speak no word Russian. ;-;

    Also, I know. It just was getting so annoying that he kept on posting "omg, you have no idea what you're talking about, since you're busy wearing hats and eating cookies". <.<
    I was born and raised here in Austria, yes, and live here still, but my mother was Russian and I'm feeling more like a Russian than an Austrian.

    Also, seriously, is it so awful for me to lose my temper after SFP said the same **** 5 times over and over again? <<
    Hurr ya. Parodius is pretty good. :)

    And of course they're jealous, the SBR is taunting them with its secrets. Le gasp!
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