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  • Hey, I've read your guides and never realized how close you are. What's the Smash scene look like near Albany (I live an hour away near Kingston, maybe thinking about expanding my options)
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    Oh, wherever you found that information is outdated. I went to college there (at RPI), but I live in Georgia now. Sorry man. Hope you found my guide useful though!
    It's all good. And the guides are great, they've been a big help leveling up.
    I'm still not going to post in the other boards this week but I have programmed my mind to be able to do things don't minds don't do like control rage, sadness, feelings and I can get adrenaline rushes when ever I want, to be able to be wrong and try something new, forgive easily, cange my mind if ever needed, defuse my self during mental breakdowns(I have never been helped by an outside source during a mental break and i've have had many but not any lately), I look from different veiws, and I can change easily how I am(good/bad in a way) I can go from LOL silly to deep talk as in nowww but also I can go from silly to i'll cave your mother F***ing skull in if you do that most of the time people do't know when i've switch modes and they laugh and drop it because i'm not laughing.

    But yeah I'm programmed to be better and if logically argee I will change also i'm humble and the most insulting thing you can say to me is i'm a lair.

    Also I miss your youtube combo video do you know if anyone will ever take the time to get the music up again?
    LOL yeah no worries I won't be relying on public transportation this time so I won't get effed by it like I did at ROM >_<
    snaps man! well, i think that sounds good to me haha. well the thing is, i'm not exactly all that great on advice. i mean, i can definately try my best. alright man, sounds good! did you want to make the thread or me? you rock dude lol
    I learn a lot more about pichu from the pikachu boards and me vs the pichu boards. Someone should make a new pikachu guide the 2004 one is a little outdataed (Pikachu's grab range only beats Bowser and Pichu.) so yeah someone or something should make a new one that talks more on what he missed like frame data,Up-B use other than recovery,combos,better match-up help like the best way to get out of their chain throw or good combos etc.
    true,but pichu juggle is just stupid vs C. Falcon (if you can land a grab,up-smash or upair), I don't mean just upairs I mean the upairs set-up one massive combo chain finshed with nair or a smash veiw at 2:00 you can get creative , I need to upload more videos
    June 18, 2009 for trailer =) ; lol it's 2:30 am here in Cali and I have to go to school!!!

    Your still playing Pikachu right? And...I fought Festizzio, pika main; you know him?
    that's what I thought I can waste my brother's C. Falcon most of the time with pichu and I know the tail spike helps pikachu but a F-smash combo for pichu is way better
    Speaking of favorable odds; N64 I've been a fan of yours for quiet some time. Ever since I saw Electric Shuffle, it has made me want to create a combo video =)

    So your a inspiration to me!!! Mine is coming out 9-0?-09; Mr.Game and Watch. It's going to be for us MELEE PEOPLE; ONE MORE FOR THE AGES!!!
    CLASS OF 2009!!!
    BECAUSE i CAN'T POST IN THE MELEE BOARDS(CAN VIEW) does pikachu counter anyone?
    don't say pichu because that's why I am asking
    Thanks for the add... Is good to have the best pikachu player in the world as your friend...XD
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