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  • I think so. I'm either riding with Phil or Seven so I'll have to talk to them about it for sure.
    Lol you posted this when I left. Also, I read tier list arguments. They're fun/informative(sometimes).

    Lol M2K is crazy.
    wario has insane aerial maneuverability...so you can just jump over everyones heads and wave back and forth and make it really hard for people to hit you...and then if you do that for like a minute your fart will be charged up and you can get kills at like 80...it works
    wario is good...if you play really gay
    kirby and rob are mid tier...rob is better then kirby though

    Congrats to you too.

    Nah, I don't really like losing lol. I should've lost to LoZR in singles but I somehow got lucky even though I was playing like S(cept vs his Marth in Grand Finals).
    Man I like that joke too...

    you guys make me sad lol.

    Mango's is one of the best ever lol.
    upsmash to punish the tech or the sidestep? i do both of those at times.

    the best thing is to tech chase on reaction and regrab until 30-40 percent.

    then tech chase dash attack into death combo. that is the most efficient, not that i do that everytime.

    i guess on techs in place alot and charge usmashes and it works. do it after u throw instantly after grab and people will tech in place on reaction usually.

    there are alot of different styles and tricks to tech chasing.

    including jabbing missed techs regrab/charged usmash.

    many people use a foxtrot or dash dance to tech chase. allows u to dash attack missed techs as well as react easier

    if u react late the first thing i will try is dsmash to punish sidesteps. if they shield it not everybody is good at punishing shielded dsmashes. if they are good at the waveshield. next time i am late i will wavedash into spaced tilt, or run sh back spaced fair.

    i prolly missed stuff but there are a ton of options and stuff to try out. try to focus on one thing at a time though and get timings down as u learn stuff
    Copying is a good skill.

    The majority of pro players think their own stuff up after a while so I guess you will too when you start reaching plateaus and S.

    Good smashers tend to be skilled but wanting to learn things their own way.

    You guys got this.
    I wish Seth didn't hate it. I wold suggest puff to help him but.....eh.

    Why don't you guys get together more?

    Daaang Raggy got a setup. Legit.

    Lol you guys are too good.
    Lol sounds just like my house.

    Cept I don't usually lose on the off chance he does this lol.

    What about the rest of SP?
    Lol that's how Twitch is....except it's for 15 minutes then 45 minutes of dumb stuff then he quits.

    Lol Raggy should leeeeaarrrrrrn.
    Rohan isn't serious? Dang.

    Raggy is finally gettin serious? Too good.

    Let me know how you guys do at this while I'm there, alright? I think Billfest Melee will be verrrrry interesting.
    That's a good way to learn though.

    Learning the matchup in full and coming up with your own mixups/tricks are the best and it shows you understand the game well. It also helps you win lol.

    Foxy is still sorta low on the PR(spacies), but I think he's going to make that change soon so we'll see.

    Ace will be off of the rankings, but a Duke Marth/Sheik(probably Crystalnite) will jump on them.
    The lower currently ranked players? Interesting.

    That's really good considering how long you guys have been playing. I'm excited.

    By the way, some of those Duke guys are coming. They're pretty good.

    Are you guys improving btw?
    i actually dont chaingrab at low percents if they DI away cuz i am so bad at it. I do ftilt or dtilt and mix it up from there. either go for a regrab, space an aerial, do a dash dance to bait something. Sometimes i just let them tech and regrab that

    it is possible though, u use the regular dash grab

    around 20-30 ill start cging
    Yoshis i dont like too much. SAme for battlefield. Only counterpick other than neutrals would be corneria
    I'm not sad, but I'm not happy either.

    It sucked the happiness right out of getting third though.

    I'm gonna get so much better and **** more tail because of this S. I just need to practice....

    Oh wow, this isn't working. =)=)=)=)=)=)=)

    okay better
    I hope you guys really do go.

    And man that sounds awful. Like I wish I could laugh at that but I just can't.
    both running backs are good. like the ronnie brown pick. good kicker. wr i'm interested to see who was still there. u know my opinion on heath miller. denver defense?? so like a 6 right now. but if the recievers do good then like a 8.
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