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  • Haha good stuff man. I can't wait to actually play you guys.

    Please tell me SP is going to Duke this weekend....
    Ugh.....it's so hard to tell since I don't play Sheik much/can't see what you're talking about. Let me watch you play and I'll try to see the problem.

    Lol Twitch CCs everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. I did a Bthrow Fsmash Falco vs Fox that he DI'd down looooool.
    No worries man. If I have one hater than I guess it's unavoidable. He hates a lot of stuff. I doubt this will be a common problem.

    Shield grabbing is riskier the higher leveled you get. Grabbing in general isn't so bad though. By the way I prefer Sheik's jab to grab. Very quick.

    Ah, well no worries man. I <3 you for playing Melee. =p Good luck with that though.
    it's straight. u need to focus on melee doubles with the LoZr. you can/will win money at that. it's melee prob throwing u off if anything. it's cool tho i'm focused on brawl singles more now. doing good in doubles would be cool tho.
    I said that because it was obvious what he was doing+Merc had been waiting to play me for several matches, but Chaddd kept saying one more.

    When I confronted him about it, he smiled. Then he lied about being drunk(so he wouldn't remember) and taking adderall tomorrow that would help him anyway, so I should just play Falco. Wtf.
    the only valid complaint i could possibly see is if you told chaddd that you did not want to play falco against him because you didnt want him to pick up on your habits...

    that would be a little gay but justifiable none-the-less
    They don't freaking care lol.

    I should just sandbag or learn to play campier in friendlies or something.

    I'll figure something out.
    I dunno man. I really never thought I did anything wrong. Honest.

    That thread is pretty ridiculous though.
    I'm going to be at UNC-Pembroke, the campus is small as hell.
    I won't need a ride back as of now, but that could change very fast.
    I'm playing Melee only so if you stay for Brawl day I'll probably leave for Raleigh with someone else.

    And LoZR said since he can't win without you, you guys better come get me lol
    Is there anyway you could pick me up for Billfest? LoZR said he wouldn't team with you if you didn't come get me lol
    Oh yeah, I forgot about that haha. Ummm, I need to do it soon lol. I just have to figure out WMM....

    Yeah, I almost got 4th because of it lol. I think Colbol is overall better than me, but he doesn't know how to fight my Falco.
    Overall I did play better, but against Hbox and M2K(excluding that third match lol) I played worse.

    The match vs Colbol was interesting. I didn't play the matchup as well as I wanted to(like when I 4-stocked him in a friendly the day before), but I played it well enough. The second match we both got a little nervous near the end. Fortunately I have a gun.
    He's not. I just didn't bait the right stuff or follow/approach him correctly at all. At least I did that some at herb 2.
    I am simply worse against puff. I need to figure out Hbox's gay patterns as well. M2K plays Marth, who I have more experience against. His tough style makes me have to work as well, but experience in the matchup is very helpful.

    I need to play puffs, of course, but I also need to watch some dang videos of him vs a Falco that isn't as aggro as Chops. That leaves......me(everyone else goes Fox). I get new ideas during tournament sets, but it's tough to implement them without experimenting.

    I couldn't honestly tell you which is more important, as the two are interrelated for me, and I feel like I only have half of the puzzle(ideas) right now.
    Depends on the amount of time that elapses really....and how much Jiggz practice I get lol.

    Probably M2K since I can figure out Marth way better than Jiggz/Hbox. I think that if I can find a way to beat his puff then I can beat him consistently, which would be unlike M2K.

    Basically, M2K. Hbox will take time for me to figure out.
    Oh lol, I was thinking about posting in that thread cuz two of my matches are in it. I haven't watched all of them, and I don't care if SS 4 stocks someone lol.

    How are you finding out about this lol. My car got scrapped. I now have a Nissan Centra that I am not proud of at all.
    Loooooooool what the heck are you talking about?

    Like wtf I don't get ANY of that post.
    Why? If you ever mess up he can pick up some slack. No reason to worry.

    Lol it's fun conversation. It's not like anyone reads this anyway right?
    Don't be nervous man. No one is gonna think you suck if you lose to anyone. I mean, you have one of the best Foxes.....ever on your team. You guys are gonna do well.

    I have no clue how good you or DUB are, but I could lose to your team. LoZR is too good, and you could be good enough to give me trouble too.

    Ace and dorsey might be tough too, but Adam destroys Ganon.

    Mask and his partner(if they're good I guess) could be pretty tough. That's probably it.
    Wow.....Mango really is the best now. I have no more doubts.

    Results are all ADHD meatriding. I don't see a results thread. Meh.
    Lol I doubt you guys will ever agree with me.

    I don't really care(other than wanting Melee to stay Saturday), but I just don't like it when people want TOs to run the tournament their way.

    Hax beat M2K? Interesting. Inui logic=me>m2k.

    I need to go read up on why that happened....

    Cort is rusty.....swift? How many people were at this thing? I really am gonna check this out. I coulda gotten 2nd/3rd. I can beat Hax.

    Hi Fiz. <3

    I've won around 2100$. Subtracting entry fees and all that probably leaves me below 1000$ in spending money though.
    Thanks for the support jordan, it means a lot to me. This tournament was definitely an experience building event and a real eye-opener, next time I'm definitely going to make sure that I have some staff to help out and I'll be realistic in my time frame and with setups.

    With regards to my performance, you're a smart player and I respect your opinion since I know you have plenty of experience. I have really been working hard to step up my game and I feel like its paying off, I sure hope I can keep improving.

    My set with keith was also mad close, if he doesn't get better I'm sure I'll take him next time.
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