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  • Haha aight then, I do know how jab works as a matter of fact.

    Now jab, on spacies moreso than other characters, forces a getup. Now, if the spacie knows you're going to jab them, they can DI upwards and then roll out of it or whatever. This creates new levels of difficulty in tech chasing that not even Tope could follow in his prime(or on his drugs f*ck you adderall).

    Basically, you'd want to jab if your opponent: 1. doesn't know about DI'ing up or 2. it's a character that will be put on their feet from the jab so you can grab again(I know Falcon does this). Also, if they don't react to the jab quickly enough I suppose you could just Dsmash them or something.

    Hopefully that answers your question bro.
    Well, you can't outpressure Falco. At least, not from a longer distance like he can to you. Your goal is to keep the pressure off of yourself from lasers because without them Falco is a slow character with little aerial mobility(he has the Dair though lol). I would think that that would be a big plus when stopping SHL.

    Honestly I'd ban FD vs Falco so you'd always have platforms to play/needle/tech chase on.

    Sheik, Peach and ICs. Those are the three high/top tiers I know the least about(listed from most known to least known). I know some more stuff about Sheik, but not too much more. If you have a question with the other two, I can probably help you, but to an amazing extent I'm not so sure. I'll do my best though.

    Btw I'm glad to hear of your dedication and improvement bro. I hope to see you ENTERING and ****** at Foxy's or some other tournament. =p
    Haha, it's funny because Slasher King was having trouble with the other end of this matchup and asked for help just yesterday. =p

    So, for Sheik, I'm going to start out by saying watch M2K vs Zhu and Mango. If you've seen that then you already know that standing needles messes with Falco's SHL. Sheik's needle control, in addition to stopping Falco's lasers, can control Falco diagonally by either abusing platforms(see Reno on Battlefield), or just SH/FJ needles to needle before you hit the ground to either grab, dash attack, or other Sheik shenanigans like jab to Dtilt on shield or whatever.

    Okay, basically what I just rambled about there is that Falco is going to try to control you horizontally, and Sheik should try to control Falco diagonally by using SH/FJ needles(you know how that works right?). Anyway, control is only half the battle. Once you get a grab(as you should be looking for one always at low percents, and dash attacks/Ftilts/Dtilts at mid to high percents) you need to tech chase the balls off of Falco, or just throw him offstage and gay the crap out of his awful recovery(that's what evens the match up).

    Okay, and you asked about the Dair specifically? Well, you can shield it. If he starts to pillar your shield, you can roll back, but that gets predictable after a while(if he does this frequently to you that is). Most Falcos either mess up their pillaring, which means free grab to ****, or they Dair away from your shield to force a shield grab so they can Fsmash. In either case, the pressure is relieved and you can go back to doing Sheik stuff.

    Now, if you mean the Dair is coming at you, then shielding is usually a good option. Needling Falco out of his approach messes with his L-cancel timing, which will force him into his shield and maybe net you a grab. You could Ftilt, but that's tough to space every time, and WD back Ftilt takes much too long imo.

    Hopefully this helps bro.
    lol I just realized when I asked you your work schedule a while ago you wrote it on your own profile.
    Yeah man just practice up a little and maybe at one of these tourneys we can team it up.
    So I would really like to get in some brawl practice with you guys before saturday, if it is at all possible.
    idk if i can play smash for a while. i got a D on my report card and i have no job. so the idea of playing video games all weekend prolly won't sit well with my parents. i'll see what i can do none the less.
    aye mayne, whats this mother****ing bull**** about not going to mother****ing PLURs on mother****ing Saturday. You better roll for Melee mo****a
    bro i'm definitely in. thanks for accepting me.

    and don't worry you could be the worst brawl player in the world and we'd still beat their *****. don't drop out!
    Start trying to incorporate those into your versus game. That's one of the hardest parts, but once you get past that all you need is knowledge and experience.
    Fox is probabaly my best.
    I can play Shiek and Falcon a little.

    My Samus is rude nowadays I'd probably play her. Or Peach.
    Thanks for the hard work you put into this man. I'll do my best to carry this information in mind.
    We teamed at one GE and *****, but our teamwork failed. We were just higher tier than everyone there lol.

    Lol @pulling out your snake in large crowds....what?
    It's fine.
    Definitely. It should be fun man.

    I'm giving them a chance, for 2nd and below lol.

    But really, he's probably teaming with Peter, so I might have to team with Sushi (aka Meta Knight). Ali wouldn't be happy about it, but sometimes you gotta make the tough choices so you don't get gayed.
    It actually has to be a tourney host or it will be closed.

    Like I said, I want a PR, but no one can/will step up.
    PR by itself is impossible, as tourney hosts have to run them.

    Bill is WoW.

    Karn doesn't care I don't think.

    BEHR is 5.

    Vilt is never on.

    As much as I'd think PRs would help the scene, they probably won't happen.
    Me and Wil are probably brawling tomorrow, er today technically. I got a capture card for x-mas. We'll give you a call.
    I could play Saturday but not here because my dad said I'm still in trouble. We should go to one of your empty houses.
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