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  • You kidding? That's scary! Why in God's name am I dreaming of SWF anyways?! Ugh... forget it.

    Was the video I gave you the one? Or was it something different?
    19th- 40-60 people
    20th-16-32 people. I think the 20th will have a cap since its a house tourney
    You go to your "Edit my Signature" and then put the sig in as " " ... only don't leave spaces like I did between the ] and [

    It should work.
    Sweet. Just keep me updated. I can give you rides to both events I think.
    I go to school at Butler University in Indianapolis. When I'm at home I'm about an hour north of Indy. Either way we should get some games in while you're here, and I can probably take you to a tourney during that time :). Just let me know when you'll be here.
    oh hey!

    if were ever at the same tourney teams will be toooooo gooooood
    His TL is really really good. That's why.

    Did you see the set against Vlade's Falco that he has in the video thread? He played that Falco PERFECTLY.
    Your leg?! I could've sworn it was your arm!

    *checks chat history*

    It's not in the chat history. Crap!
    Well that was embarrassing...
    If you have and AiB, the codes are on their.

    Also, I don't like Tink players or Tink.
    Not true; I just lost motivation. It's the least family-like board I've ever seen. I barely see a reason...lol
    Oh cool. Gimme a sec and Imma check them out. Can't upload til Friday though cuz two people are borrowing both my CCs...
    U have to powershield her side b. Learn the timing. Then go in and punish with nair OoS, grab or jab, utilt.

    Yes, limit ur zair usage.

    Yes, she can footstool out of down b.

    Wario's waft is a threat after 1:20 has passed.
    I just try to stick to the point, and discuss with an open mind, and respect for others. Some people don't do the same, but it's best to just ignore it and stay focused.

    Whatever. I have bad matchup experience with ZSS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEh5_1gWUtA I'm afraid of watching that nightmare of a video.

    Anyways, here's the lowdown. ZSS is fast. There are a couple of things you should learn, for example, her Up B can spike, and it doesn't leave you helpless like Olimar's UpB. If you're recovering from above, watch out for this. Her side B is really good. It has great knockback, and is one of her best kill moves. I don't know much about her down B. Her neutral B has short range, but it can stun. Fear her Dsmash, since it stuns you for like 2 seconds. This is a combo starter, and a free kill, if she does it when you're at the ledge. Her Fsmash is bad, and they never use it. I don't remember what her USmash is. Her Uair is their best move apparently. It has massive priority, and decent knockback. Dair is never used. Blah....

    ZSS likes to combo a lot, and with her speed, it's not difficult for her to combo. Just don't freak out like I did, and pay attention to what's happening.
    You're either gonna be bored to death on Smashboards, or super entertained. This has been a weird week. We're having short lapses of activity.
    It was just those 2. The other guys that just posted now (Zeton and Xiivi???) are cool. Or at least regular. I don't know them well enough to say anything good or bad.
    Lol, I'll probably have a bunch of money matches to do after all these fox matchup discussions are done...sheesh.
    If I get called out for it, I'll just gladly edit it out or something. Sheikant told me to defend him from t3h evilz foxes (foxii?)

    Well they don't push you back or nothing. You just absorb it and move on.

    What's the words for that?
    If we get pushed off the ledge, we'll just get back up. If a Fox is gonna push us off the ledge with his lasers, it's certainly not gonna be from close. Fox isn't THAT fast. We can get back up.
    lol I missed the "I" in your statement
    Same thing happened to me 10 minutes ago
    I know...It's bull****. Even if it is wrong, which it isn't, it should be a warning >__>
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