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  • lol why do you want to learn Peach anyways? you already **** everyone. i'll show you some stuff next tournament that we're at together though, if you really want to learn her.
    First thing on your agenda:
    Kill Pj for stretching out your wall.

    Second thing on your agenda:
    Question your sexuality. Assess if you are gay.
    (You play toon link, so we already know you're a homo.)

    Third thing on your agenda:
    Congratulations, you already know how to play Peach.
    So, you've officially gotten this reputation as an Ice Climber Slayer. Now I don't feel so bad about our won loss ratio on allisbrawl.
    So, you've officially gotten this reputation as an Ice Climber Slayer. Now I don't feel so bad about our won loss ratio at smashfest practices.
    Just send me an offline IM and I'll receive it. Why do you want to talk to me all of a sudden lol
    I'm usually always on AIM but I'm always invisible because I don't like random people IMing me
    She's just like toon link! Just no bombs or boomerangs or arrows or z-air. You still run and jump around and be campy. :p
    I'll talk to her and see if I can buy you some more time, but otherwise that looks like the schedule =\ Sorry
    I just did some calculations, and assuming I get 19 mpg (which is average when I drive from Cali to KS), gas is about 10 bucks. For both ways. If that's cool. Less if we get a 5th person, but that is pretty cramped in the back of the car. And we might be able to stay later depending on how fast the drive down goes.
    A. She wanted to go and watch/support. B. She has friends in Wichita she's going to visit if/when I get my *** handed to me. C. The tourney is supposed to be over by 6, I would want to get out of Wichita between 8:30 and 9 for sure.
    I was planning on bouncing after the tourney. Although, I wouldn't be opposed to staying too long afterwards, but I gotta get my gf back home before midnight haha.
    It went great man, thanks for asking. I felt like I played decently. Lain got this clutch win on me game 1 when I practically had it. Oh well... and Gnes just ***** TL. Guy ***** too hard lol. I have to say MLG is probably tied as my favorite tournament with FC: Diamond.
    i have no access to aim except through my phone at the moment. either txt me or i might be on aim through my phone or send me a message through smashboards or something
    MJG, could you remove Affinity from the TO list? I don't think he wants to be a TO for this tourney.
    ewwww. dont watch those. lol, i was super out of it. i think i suicided a bunch of times :(

    Im having another tournament this coming weekend and redhalberd is coming again so we should hopefully record a bunch of GOOD sets. lol
    lol dude you gotta get on that **** quick. afaik tickets were supposed to go up from 36 to 50 but the convention people forgot to up the price so buy the pre reg pass now if you are for sure going.
    WHOBO2 is that weekend so probably not...unless we all decide we are poor. ****'s expensive.
    set X to shield, like a pro

    plus you play TL, you never need to shield because the opponent has always got **** in his face :D
    *want to just say yes so I can play you*

    We're currently having some conflict with Colorado Cuthroat, the organization that would be running it. They plan to charge INASANE venue fees...I'll get back to you on it, but there is a huge chance CO will be protesting the company. If we can get them to meet our criteria, then that would be awesome.
    Wow...sucks about your finger...sorry.
    We'll play eventually, at some national or something. Well, prolly not, but maybe lol
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