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  • LOL how is everyone seeing that?! You know what's even funnier?
    Right, so I got the two infractions for making a very innocent post. Whatever. The guy calls me a moron. Mean, but whatever. Turns out the kid posted it in the Ness forums also. I'm still commenting on it ^^
    Also you and I are now BRBs
    how about school is starting and i need to work weekends and the only time im leaving this city is for no koast :p
    **** you too ho <3 it means they will start when the president(s) actually set a meeting. sadly noone on swf is a president so we will just have to wait, im anxious as well to get more practice in, especially with you. jerm destroyed me (though he played me almost right after i walked in the door off of ~4 hours of sleep. he was my warmup, but it cost me money lol
    Oh noes! U watched my 2 stock rofl. I got some more matches against him from 2 weeks ago where i win but havent been uploaded due to laziness. The texture I think was outset Toon Link.
    Don't worry about it; you're registered.

    The list of Kansas players in the OP is the list I gave him a long time ago. He just hasn't updated it there.
    since fino isnt talking..... are you and your mom heading down with us thursday to wichita or are yall heading all the way thursday?
    thats why i have friday and saturday off :p

    pound 4 is in january in maryland

    good i cant wait. you will get to help train my new ss tier secondary :)
    i work today at 4:30, and i work the rest of the week till friday. wednesday may be the best chance for me next, need to check my work schedule
    You don't even know how disgustingly jealous I am....

    Wii: 6347 0386 9526 4115
    Brawl: 3394 3237 5954

    Anything would be appreciated.
    Also, wii name = DYLAN
    No problem, man. I appreciate the help a lot. I'm doing pretty good, an feeling good about my Tink. What's up with you?
    Have you seen the MM between Jerm and MikeHAZE? It was sex. Just saying, because it's really a must-watch video...
    I'm about to shoot my nuts in your face.
    Hope you like my bananas too son.
    Just normal double elimination tournaments. Every tier of course. And I know of Mari but she doesnt go to tournies.
    There are some very good smashers here in the island. What is the name of the link? I wanna know cause Ive never seen a link in tournaments...so ur friend doesnt go to tournies >_>. There's this one Link tho...hes a very bad player :/. There are like 6 great smashers here. And like 20 good ones. The rest are horrible XD.
    Yeah I know some olimars learn how to play that stage but I havent seen it in action. And thanx ^_^ its kinda tough to write those **** summaries XD.
    o_o that came out wrong lol below. it was supposed to be blank posts to fill the 10 character limit but it came out looking like that O_O
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