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  • Umm...yeah...IMAGINED PLAYING BRAWL AT 90 degree weather v__v
    I fail so much..sweaty..ugh..

    & Idk why, but you're the best Falcon I played, even better then Slade.
    Fun games bro, i don't know if you noticed, but i'm very rusty, i haven't been able to play everyday anymore:urg:
    But meh, your Kirby, still out of this world lol
    Tommorow come to the computer at 4:30 so we can brawl. I can never catch you when you're online.
    :marth: :snake:>>>:kirby2:

    Lol, I never bother try using Olimar, I just know that he has huge grab-range/smashes o_0

    & yeah, if you go Bowser
    :falco: Chain-grab time!
    Hey GGs earlier, sorry I left I just dont like brawling Kirby over & over again.
    Heck, I want to see cool stuff so I play random characters..it is friendlies after all.
    I see your game-play, & I can only punish it..if I use my main v_v

    & also, I get really annoy whenever you suck-up an abilites with Kirby, & spam it massively e_e
    I U-air string & grab tech, but Kirby is too short & has a bigger grab range then Marth Dx

    Oh well, Kirby cant beat :snake: grenades ftw/or :metaknight: cuz he has a sword

    & my Ike is god in FFA's :mad:
    I dont like Kirby, he's my worst MU's x.x
    I try to get better against him but I just fall for his simple trick.

    & yeah, dont forget that 0% kill on Snake Dx
    Also GGs in friendlies, although your Bowser use too much smash v.v
    Hello there! I c u joined the L.I.O.

    I'm LashD, 2nd best Wario of the L.I.O., and self proclaimed welcoming committee!
    Sorry i didn't get to you sooner. Last month of school = cramming all the homework. Lemme know if u ever wanna brawl!
    My FC is 4339-2283-1562.
    *poke* GGs, I was trying something out with Marth, but the lag screw it up v.v
    I play serious when I play defensive!
    & I hate Kirby, his Fsmash is too strong..I can only beat him if I stay in the air v.v

    Oh, & I can use everyone o_0
    I didn't realize you live on the EC lol
    I live in Canada, west-ish.....
    Considering our distance the connection was actually not bad. But I'm still used to offline.

    I hope I gave you some decent practice with all the characters I use lol
    I kinda just use whoever online since I suck with my mains on wifi. I main Peach and Luigi.
    The rest were just fun characters that I like.

    I bet you'll do pretty well at this tourney you're going to.

    You're kirby is surprising good. Better than mine ever was. I used to secondary him.
    And you're so used to wifi. It's impressive lol

    I wish you would've switched characters at least a couple times though >:[
    But it's cool lol
    I dont really feel up to play DDH anymore...
    But i didnt acutally even ask to play him.
    I joined a friend, Hiei joined, my friend left, i played 1v1 with him, i saw spam, i left..
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