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  • My gut was telling me to use Luigi for the first match, now I know why. It's been a while since I had to camp that much with Olimar. Good luck in the tourney.
    It 11:40 over here so about three or two hours. I'll try my hardest to track you down tomorrow, but if something comes up I'll let you know.
    I live in Pacific time, sorry for not meeting you today. For some reason I got busy in the afternoon. I'll try again tomorrow.
    Pssh imposters i tell you! and thanks :D
    That's not fair, you're cheating Dx
    Oh, so now you think you're my agent or something!? You're going down.
    xD jk, i guess i'll join it. You're still going down... wasn't kidding about that >__>
    Sheeeeit, wth man u just got me nervous! >.<
    For that, I'll have no mercy when i play you. Good luck though, i'm coming for ya Mike. D:<
    Hello Mike we have a match for the Glyph tourney. Please contact me when you have a time you will be available to play.
    Ok then, i'll go and add your Brawl FC nao then.
    And you told me that, so send something of you feckin it up!
    Heya bro :3
    You never added meh Brawl FC for Replays.

    *Looks below*
    Zen be mad i wanted to get better, and that LIO is becoming > MAD.
    Haha alright. Well think about it. We would love to have you. Also MADs leader ALWAYS remains loyal.

    O_________________O <--- my expression when facing your bowser.

    I main Jiggs, and second Kirby. I usually use Kirby on wifi though. I got my *** whooped in the dittos.
    Great Games. Your Kirby and Bowser are amazing! I must learn your Kirby ways.

    You should ditch LIO and come to MAD.
    I'm trying to spread a little joy for Sato :3
    lolwtf knees all around, got pauwnched as punishment :falcon:
    Work on the timing though, let alone how much you used it, i was lolololol'ing at every flub:laugh:
    Just waiting to get sweetspotted.

    IC's eh?
    Might wanna talk to Mgw or myself, i've still got IC's good as a third, even for wifi =D
    So type me if you need help ^_^
    You mean my, oh come on, why would you, i can expla, what kind of, what is this i don't even, this is just, *Leaves*
    Well...there's always Sheen XD
    I'll probably be starting college next year though.
    I gotta get things organized >__< I signed up pretty late...
    can you use a separate computer. i dislike setting up matches on wiinet.
    Going on AIM now, aim is goc6283.
    Well i obviously didn't win, but it was fun. I got cg'd by Ice climbers, i spaced and seperated them as much as i could but the little *******s caught me eventually and that was it. I started playing somewhat good after i got elimimated and had casual matches. It was less pressure and i had met some people. But nevertheless, it was fun, and wouldv'e been funner if you didn't bail. I really think that if you had gone, i wouldv'e been less nervous and done better. d:
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