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  • Lol *looks at your profile* I can see where you heard that news. :p Sure we can brawl sometime. ^.^b Just anytime before 6:30 PM Monday-Thursday, Friday I stay up a little later *not much though x.x*, and Saturday pretty much anytime. :V
    Yepp it's a blast with your too mike but your kirby is still the krakken of your deadly arsenal im just so helpless against him >.>
    I noticed you're brawling with someone else. I would appreciate if after you're done you would tell me if you still want to brawl. (:
    I still want BTC:urg:
    Haven't talked with him in a bit, maybe you could help in persuasion?
    The taunting? No, I just like to do it. Not trying to annoy you. :p

    Kirby's FSmash bugs me so dang much, especially since it's superior to Jigglypuff's in every way. Don't get me wrong, I like Kirby (don't really like fighting him though :p), but the extent to which his moves are better than Puff's makes me :mad:

    Also I don't know how you didn't grab the ledge on Yoshi's Island, that was weird.
    I can NOT fight Kirby. And everyone says it's 60:40 or 65:35 G&W's favor, too...

    You're the best Kirby I've yet faced, that's for sure. You roll a bit too much, though.
    I do have the internet to myself right now; we can test the lag if you like.
    Sure lol
    Begin on Battlefield; CP Frigate Orpheon.

    What's your counterpick?
    GGs. I really should not be playing this game... I know I'd win if I went MK on everyone, but somehow I think that would be a noobish choice. Can I use this mentoring program to get better? I DO NOT want to quit, I want to get better.
    Float with Golden Hammer: Mash A in midair
    As far as I know (AFAIK), you can't item drop hammers, but others' attacks can make you drop it.
    And I'll go ahead and host so I can set the rules, so join BSP

    Oops, forgot you can edit VMs lol
    Hey Mike, the rules are up. I'm ready to do the match anytime today before about 5:00 Smash boards time. Smashballs legal? This is going to be fun lol
    I'm still determined to get that pink name, it will match with alot of my avatars. Good luck my friend and kick some ***.
    Well a piece of my luigi just died inside, and my pikmin seem to be in a coma. Good games seems my Luigi back fired in the second game. I will report our match after I finish indulging myself in food.
    wow man no offense but your gay, ledge hogs and keeping me at the bottom of the stage was the only thing you did. but gg's anyway. id like to rematch another day on a stage thats not ****ing delfion that stage is so gay honestly. worst TL stage
    I would play right now but I have a college class in a few minutes, I might be back later today. I have a bunch of doctor appointments today
    Blame your beast kirby. Only you and some others bring out the best of me. GGs btw. D!P!'s wario was fun lol
    Yea, i didn't really care but yea he just told me how since i didn't know how. And i know it's useless dx
    If you to are that good why don't you team up in torneys? That would be an awesome team. and thanks for the advice.
    I see I just need your opinion I'm thinking of entering a tournament doubles using Kirby would Falco be a good team mate?
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