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  • hi mcfox! did i tell you that you are my best friend! now can i be a admin lol. just kidding i got a long way to go.just saying hi.lol
    Hey could I get a name change to "Yes!!!" please? I'd appreciate it. Thanks for your time in reading this.
    I also put an application to become a Tournament Director but i havent gotten a reply. Can u help me? Im not sure what to do....
    i sent the application for tournament director but i havn't gotten a response and i think it might be because i had the wrong punctuation in my application.
    Ya Mcfox when you think I am ready and you need a moderator then can you tell me cause I like to be very helpful or assistant administrator trust me I love to help but when you need it cause I like to help a lot please reply.
    I put an application in for tournament director and it needs to be approved by u..
    Update on that post below.
    I'm posting this so that you actually get the notification (it says that you've logged on since I posted that), soz if it is an inconviniance.
    I would just like to say that the brawl luigi board lacks a moderator. All the moderators for that room also moderate all the other character boards. Our cumunity is ok-ly strong. If you could do somthing about this that would be much appriciated. Plz message me back regarding this post.
    Hey McFox, you should join my social group, "The 'New' Geno Alliance". Check it out on my page under social groups.
    Hey, I am EXTREMELY sorry to bother you about this, but I was just accepted in as a Smash Director, and I did something VERY stupid. Instead of clicking the box that says "Identify as member of this group," I clicked on "Leave group."

    I am REALLY sorry about this, and won't happen again. Could you help me fix this situation? Thanks so much and sorry to bother you with this.

    (Edit: I also sent a PM to Mic and went ahead and reapplied. He sent me a response to my PM, too. Thanks and sorry again to bother you guys.)
    Hi McFox I was wondering of I could be a moderator when you need it or I can do it now cause I would be a good moderator give me the steps or rules to become one of it's ok thanks.
    Me again. Sorry to bother.

    I PM'd Sgt Wikez, Thundermistress, and Fdv last week about Smash Artists, but was thoroughly ignored by all 3...:urg:

    Should I just give up? Or is there anyone else I can PM about this...?

    Also, I thought there weren't any colors left, but now Smash Researchers have cyan? :confused: Eh well, I guess it's not that important anyhow.
    McFox, I can't seem to log off. It says "all cookies cleared" but my "welcome crewster" bit is still there. Little help.
    Ah, I see. So we need to organize a contest of some sort before anything can be done... I thought that might happen, but it does make sense.

    I guess I'll get right on that then, I think I need to ask some of the senior members of the Artwork Emporium about it...
    Thanks a lot for trying! Is there a super mod who would know for sure that I could ask?
    I was wondering, can you edit the title of a social group? I'd like to change mine to "Meta Knight Should Not Be Banned." If not, I'll just go make a new group and re-invite everyone, but you'd save me a lot of time if it's within your power.
    She gave me an infraction. I don't see how I was out-of-line in my messages to her, though....QQ!
    Excuse me, but we need a mod for the smash 64 section. No one is modding topics and odd or irreverent topics have been made.

    Please make me or one of the main contributors to the section a mod for the Smash 64 section so we can control spam easier.
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