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  • Yo Leffen hang in there, **** haters you are the only thing keeping Europe relevant right now and they want to oust you. What a bunch of Yuropoors (no offence). You should go by a different name and in disguise to tournies and **** everyone

    #leffennation #****h8ers #freeleffen #leffen@evo2013
    Good luck at Apex, Leffen. I know a lot of people on Smashboards like to hate you but there are some of us who appreciate your talent. It seems like you've got a solid attitude now and I'm hoping you'll do well. **** the haters - you've got this.
    You should probably talk to Alex Strife as soon as possible since he's saying you probably won't get to play at Apex because you missed the registration deadline. Hopefully he'll just make you pay some late fee or something and you'll still get to play because I imagine it would suck to pay all that money to travel to Apex from Europe and then not even get to play in tournament.

    Tell me about your experiences with SD Remix. I recall a particular complaint with Yoshi's Side-B but I'm sure you have more you would like to share?

    obv :012:
    Leffen you have a lot of patience to keep responding to people about your posts hahaha.
    hey i asked this in the fox thread but can u tell me exactly how you ledgedash onto the stage? watched your matches with armada (good set) and i noticed u seem to hit these flawlessly
    I would have to pay extra money to bring my laptop to the flight so it looks very unlikely. =( I can however ask Nami if he could bring his recording setup as he is travelling only with boat (and he can also record 2 television at the same time).
    Taking your Marth advancements seriously. I'm actually extremely consistent with pivots for the very reason two years ago I thought fthrow to fsmash would become huge. But for some reason I just stopped doing it and I realize how much of a step back it was. Since I got a new all clear controller I'm going to be breaking it in with exclusively Falco/Marth and I'm going to focus on getting those pivot fsmashes from grabs.

    All of your requests will require in-game testing, so please bear with me as there will be an unexpected delay. Have a good day!
    the test is supposed to show effort and interest so we don't let people in that make a decent application and then do nothing for us :/
    alright my number is
    3480 2223 9704
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