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Katy Parry
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  • Where did you get the .gifs in your signature? Did you make them yourself, or is there some site I could go to to find my own?
    Katy Parry
    Katy Parry
    I'll tell you when you do more Zelda comparisons. ;)
    Hey, how's it going? ^^
    Katy Parry
    Katy Parry
    Lol, I know, you want your Bowser one. I gotta find a good uploading site for it to display on. Photobucket doesn't last long.
    Ha ha. It's no problem at all. Just lemme know if anything comes up. Thanks again! :p
    Awesome sig! Do you know where I could get a Bowser one?
    Katy Parry
    Katy Parry
    I could make it for you tomorrow. :)
    Oh really? That would be awesome! Thanks a lot!
    Oh, it's okay! It's a discussion, after all. You don't need to apologize because it was bound to happen, anyway. I just came back to this forum recently because of the Smash 4 hype, haha.
    I still can't believe it's not butter bacon. Seriously, this dog food real fake bacon is AMAZING!!! It's like Jesus tap dancing on your tongue; it just "feels good" ya know what I meeaannn=???
    Of course. I think the transition should be just a faster, more powerful version of Zamus.

    BTW, is there any chance you can make Zelda's dtilt and Dsmash to have Electic properties? Not sweet spotting, just shocking. I thought it would be awesome. :)
    I'm glad you like it. I haven't really thought about making Dark Zamus, but if I did, I'd probably want her to be muuuuch faster than regular dark zamus.
    Ah, I'm sure you read the thread already, but yeah: what you found is just an extension of what we already knew about "Love Jumping." (God, I hate that name, lol.)

    However, your posting about it inspired me to do some frame-by-frame testing on it, so thanks for sharing! Maybe something useful will come out of it since for the moment, it has very limited application in actual matches.
    Suicide is ********, especially if you're only 17. You have soooo much to live for. Just wait it out, dude. Just one more year! Then you have your entire life to do whatever you want, free of her evil grasp.
    Sounds like it sucks! Having a boyfriend is a great thing though, even if you don't get to see him that much. I bet you get to see him every once in a while! You're turning 18 next year, yeah? That looks like the light at the end of the tunnel. You need to move out as fast as possible!
    Your mom won't let you hang out with friends? How does she know he's your boyfriend if you don't tell her? I ate dinner with my ex-boyfriend and his mom, without her even knowing I was gay.
    Babbada boopy? Babbada boopity beepidy bapa!
    Hey thar. :o
    What's up, dude? It says you're online, and I replied to your PM, but you haven't replied back, so... I leave this message here. :3
    Hey, I know I already sent you a PM, and it looks like you weren't interested in talking. But I'm putting myself out there again because I've seen your continued posts in the LGBT Smashers thread. I -am- here for you.

    Sure I'm not gay, sure I don't know EVERYTHING that's been going on with you, but if you need someone to talk to, or need help figuring out the Bible or who God is, I'm here to help. I won't pretend to have all of the answers. That'd be foolish.

    But, if you want a conversation with someone who'll listen to you and has a pretty decent knowledge of the Bible, then that's what I'm here for. IM me anytime, I'll be here.

    Oh, and visitor message me back either way--this way I know whether or not I should go online more to expect an IM from you. And, for what it's worth, I'll be praying for you.
    Haha, it was just a joke about how you bought the slingshot. I'll have the next nook upgrade soon so it really didn't matter.
    I have to go Away and move some stuff for right now, but I'll trade with you in a bit if you want. I'll bring some cherries to you.
    you know i was terrified the entire time i was JP lol. and that final rollout KO was so a chance move lol. GGs and thanks :)
    You could use AIM express. You could also use Meebo.com. That allows you to run AIM, MSN or w/e whether you use mac or pc without downloading anything.

    And yeah I'm currently in school and I won't be home until late. This is why AIM is best for me because I'm in and out of the house so much.

    And yes I really live in Hawaii.
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