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Recent content by hyperhopper

  1. hyperhopper

    Clash of the Titans 5! ~ Twitter Updates @vVv_ChiboSempai

    I would love to come again! Will RIG be there? MAN IM SO HYPED!
  2. hyperhopper

    Zero Suit Samus Questions & Answers

    how can i get out f the bad habit of grabbing. I grab too much. and i get punished. HARD. Any suggestions?
  3. hyperhopper

    approaches against campers/projectile users/spammers

    Whenever I am forced to approach due to an opponent that camps/projectiles/spams, i get torn apart. I never know what to do, and eventually I go back to by bad instincts, grab, and get *****. Any suggestions?
  4. hyperhopper

    Viridian City #7 Feburary 27th results are up

    will i be able to sign up for the singles ladder then? or do the signups end when doubles start?
  5. hyperhopper

    Viridian City #7 Feburary 27th results are up

    behind schedule? meaning that i might be able to get in the ladder if i get there at around 12"50?
  6. hyperhopper

    Viridian City #7 Feburary 27th results are up

    Ok, Im coming! Although, due to the weather we might not get there untill 12:30-1:30 There will still be times to play in friendlies, right?
  7. hyperhopper

    Viridian City #7 Feburary 27th results are up

    hai guys.... with all this snow, is this still on? Also, what time does it start, i dont see it in the OP?
  8. hyperhopper

    R.I.P. Kjell Anders "Nappy" Peterson.

    why do some ppl have purple names with "pranked" under them?
  9. hyperhopper

    The Old Diddy Social/General/Q&A Thread

    how come when i try to instant catch/throw, sometimes i can do it, and sometimes it just goes into and airdodge and i cant throw?
  10. hyperhopper

    DDD Now broken: New 1HKO technique

    never been posted for dedede! its MINE!
  11. hyperhopper

    R.I.P. Kjell Anders "Nappy" Peterson.

    yes you did!
  12. hyperhopper

    R.I.P. Kjell Anders "Nappy" Peterson.

    how can i use these to edgeguard?
  13. hyperhopper

    RMT- my first!

    edited, looking better?
  14. hyperhopper

    Inferno and Pierce Present: Wiegraf TOO GOOD! January 2nd. Now with bus info

    how was it? was it fun? whats with the m2kmad thing?
  15. hyperhopper

    RMT- my first!

    so many conflicting opinions, so confused! so the general consensus is to drop celibi, add cress, and leave scizor and snorlax as is? editing
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