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  • Have you ever thought it was weird that you don't main Link?
    Haha no but others do. I mained him in PM for about a year at least so that's something.
    Hi Hylian! I went premium so I could change my name, but I looked all over my profile and can't find where to change it. Sorry, this feels like a dumb question, but I looked everywhere and emailed support and got no reply.

    I've had this account since 2005, so I'd like to keep it, it's just that l337 speak isn't as cool 10 years later lol.
    Virg usually does name changes. What would you like your name changed to?
    Hi, is there any chance you would change my username from ScotteyF1 to Scotty91 to match my Nintendo ID.

    Sorry to bother you
    Hey Hylian~ If possible, can you please change my username to "Haru"? If that doesn't work "HaruFox"? I'm starting of thinking my current name is meh. xD
    I'm sad that I don't get to forevermore have the "Brawl Back Roomer" thing under my name :(

    See you tomorrow, scrub! :p
    Hi, my name is Tyler Arnhold and I'm a student at DePaul University in Chicago. Currently I am in an Online Communities course in which we choose to research this site. I am IRB certified to legally perform the required interviews. ALL information in the interview will be kept private. No personal information will be reported. If you could help me get an interview with anyone, I would VERY much appreciate it!
    If you are part of the pmbr please private message me. I have some questions concerning the future of pm. Please contact me.
    I know you said you weren't sure if you are going to LTC2, but if you decide to, would you like to team?
    Not sure exactly what you mean by helping preserve history but if it entails splicing big streams into solo matches. Thats something I could do. Been working with Final Cut Pro for about 5 years now.
    I logged into Smashboards for the first time in 10 billion years and the site told me I should message you to help preserve Smash history. I don't know what that means, but I figured I'd better do it!
    not sure what i would need to do, but i can try to help out. i don't have a computer, but my wii u and ps3 are pretty capable.
    I'll help & help me for Shantae, Risky Boots,Izuna The Unemployed Ninja with her two sisters: Shino & Shizune, Geno from Super Mario RPG, Manic & Sonia from Sonic Underground series and finally Mewtwo from Pokemon to be confirmed in SMASH 4 rosters slot for DLC!
    I would help but it seems like you got spammed with submissions so I'm gonna pass on this one.
    I would definitely help out to contribute. As an avid fan of Smash Bros, I would like to help continue extend Smash Bros history
    Hi hylian,
    I placed 65th at evo 2014 as SSBU Sleak, however my name is not present in the claim rank results. I would like to claim my points if possible :(
    I would love to help, but I'm not entirely sure what ]to do. If you could explain a bit more when you get a chance, I'll be ready to do whatever needs to be done.
    Thanks to everyone who's offered to help out. I've been getting a ton so if I haven't gotten to you yet just be patient :p.
    I'm interested in helping out with rankings. I'm also (1) a software engineer who's interested in writing some stuff to deal with results/record-keeping, and (2) a writer for Teamliquid covering Melee.
    I'd be interested in helping out with rankings. I'm also a voice actor and trained in how to be an announcer, if that means anything.
    I'd like to help too. I don't mind, but I am new here. It's a little unexpected, but if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. :)
    Since i made my account I've been silently leeching off of the massive information base that is SmashBoards*Brawl to PM and now finally melee too* Ive probably spendt 100s of hours lookig at this site and not posting or assisting anyone through this site *though i try to help people i my area* If you need me in anyway related to smash i will definitely help i anyway i can.
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