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  • We need to Brawl sometime, since, like, I never got to play you at the MGC nationals last year.
    Good matches. I only won 2 out of, like, 19. They were still good fights, though!
    hello hylian..your hair is curly..you cover up your hair like the ice climbers do..also i heard a rumor you like ***** and ***** shaped foods...

    also u-smash to d-tilt....

    also your mii looks so much like you that its creepy

    also mario can cape thunder

    also your name is purple
    Hello Hylian nice Samus ditto we had. Your Samus is very good. This is WALNT by the way black guy with and afro. Your ice climbers are beast. Texas was represented in my eyes good stuff.
    Hi I'm from Hawaii and i joined the navy and got stationed at Pensacola FL. I dunno where that falls under central, south wherever in Florida but if its anywhere near you guys id like to see if i could play sometime one week end or something. i wont be there until like the 18th though. ill be coming from Chicago i dunno by plane or bus so yeah.

    I dont think i can put up a fight when it comes to brawl cause i only played it like twice. but if any of you play melee still i think i can put up a pretty decent
    fight. get back to me if u can.

    i learn pretty fast to and im prolly going to buy a wii when i get there, so if you are fairly close let me know cause i mailed my cube over and all these navy people suck at smash so get back to me plz
    We need to do some QAC training...and omfg. I need to chase people out more often lol help me overcome my fear of falling >.< haha. See you soon :]
    hi there. XD I was wondering if we could do a few matches sometime. I saw alot of your vids and I wanted to see the difference in your skill so i could practice more.
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