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  • I'm new here, and not sure if I'd be very good at it but I'm willing to lend a hand if you need it!
    The forum banner specifically asked for me regarding promises of great glory and reward through... tournament submissions. What does this righteous path entail?
    Hey my Kentucky Smash Championship 2 tournament results thread when will it be finalized to be posted so everyone's points count for them the ky smash champ 1 was up after a few days
    Yeah sure, why not. Got nothing else to do. I mean yes! i will help. Ranking system is cool.
    I gotta stop acting casual sometimes
    About the ranking project, I'd like to help.
    Also, are there any plans on changing the ranking system to an ELO format?
    I'd like to help out!

    I realize you're getting a bit bombarded with these "willing to help" messages, so you can get back to me whenever. I'll be ready! Is there any page I could use to read up on how to review/improve the submissions?
    There was a message that said it needed my help but it just linked me here. You should check it out. I think it's a site bug or something.
    lmao, not a bug :3
    But you should PM me if you are interested in helping :P.
    I'm somewhat new here so I'm not exactly sure of what thus ranking project is? Would like to help if I knew though.
    Check out smashboards.com/rankings/
    I would love to help out with the rankings, I have a lot of spare time, so, just tell me what needs to be done.
    If you want me to help review applicants, let me know.
    Thanks buddy :P. I got it I think, I'll let you know if I get too many haha.
    Hey, if you ever need some more help for the rankings, hit me up, I can sure help the community during my spare time! :)
    I'm interested in helping out reviewing ranking submissions. I'm a T.O here in my town and I've been submitting all results to smashboards ever since I started TOing. I can help with whatever you guys need
    I'm definitely interested in helping with the Smashboards Ranking. I've been claiming results and stuff for a while. Maybe more inpressive is my stuff with my local community, we have fests every week and I have been keeping results from every RR and tournament we have had since December. Anyway shout me out if I can help in some way.
    Hey man. So I really want to use dolphin but I cant get a brawl ISO. Ive tryed many different sites and it took me days to get stuff off my computer and they never actually gave me the ISO. So I was wondering if you could like send me an email with yours attached that way I dont have to worry about viruses. Please let me know cause I really do want to try netplay. Thanks man and continue being awesome!!
    Hey dude. Big fan of yours, and I plan on getting into the scene soon. I'm just wondering if you'll be getting into Smash 4 whenever it's out, and your opinions on the game overall. I hope to see you rockin' dat Link in Smash 4 lol.
    Since Project: Melee is a legit game now, why does smashboards not have a character icon for it? I'd like to display my mains from all 4 games...I don't know who to talk to about that.
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