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  • Welcome Back Goldman its good to see you again how have you been Man? and how's everything in Smash? and early Happy Easter My good Friend ^^
    Hello there Goldman SUPER HYPED FOR MEWTWO AND LUCAS RELEASE AND MORE DLC TO COME???? and what characters do you want to appear on smash 4?





    Happy New Year Goldman! and I wish you Good Health and lots of achievement along your way and happen Good thing and happiness in your Life.

    I hope that I get the chance to battle you this year now.
    So did you manage to enter to the bacon tournament?
    I was planning to but I realized I couldn't make it.
    Rage NF
    Rage NF
    I see so how is the connection from smash Wii U? better this time also better than 3ds connection?
    I never owned Smash 3DS.
    Hi there Gold can you play this week at night? we need to brawl before smash 4 Wii u arrive.
    Rage NF
    Rage NF
    Thank you for following me and I see you around.
    Are you able to play at 6 PM CST on Friday?
    Rage NF
    Rage NF
    Hmm I could play between 6:30 and 7:00 PM more or less maybe earlier if anything doesn't come out at the last second as for the time zone well my time right now is 10:45 PM and your time most be 9:45 PM if I correct about this I definitely can play since my time will be 7:30 and your time must be 6:30 PM.
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