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  • Hey Gimpyfish. Whatever happened to the SBR Melee Ruleset?
    I did a few searches and I couldn't find it (Or I'm stupid). I remember it being stickied somewhere, but now it's gone.

    : /
    uh yeah, you better lock the "smash was not meant to be competitive" thread on general discussion, it's a big flame war again..
    Hey Gimpy, can you do me a favor and unsticky the "The Big Book of Fox Matchups" thread by orintemple on the Fox boards? I know you post in the Fox boards once in a while, so I thought I'd ask you. That thread is horribly outdated, and we have a much better matchup thread going on now (The Modern Matchup one).
    Thanks in advance. I just thought the thread is spreading false info and should be unstickied... thanks a lot.
    Hey Gimpy, ever try closing threads with something other than *Bowser fsmash*? I distinctly remember a post that closed a thread with *utilt rest*... but that sounds more like something Mango would do. Anyways, give it some thought. It may become a post that'll go down in history XD.
    wsnake is not a character. that might go down as one the most famous posts made on this site. although it really wasn't that funny.
    whats up gimpy guess u an eggz couldnt make it to the smash fest. some other time then

    sup gimpy just wanted to say hi and that your shiek combo vid is awesome

    oh and someone with a orange colored name told me i could achieve the colored name from a red colored name person? do you know of something like this?
    umm sorry to bother as im sure you get a lot of this crap but im in a brawl clan who is going to war with some of the best members missing and it would be amazing if you would make a guest appearance http://brawlsdeadlyalliance.forumotion.net/portal.htm

    ...sry nvm that was stupid and random and its probably not even happening... but ya know feel free to stop by next week
    You closed the "Long hard single player" thread
    I hate you.

    And now I'm over it.
    Awesome Sheik combo video, dude. It inspired me to continue maining (Or at least using) my melee main, Sheik, in Brawl.
    Samuelson does not speak for all Lucario mainers. The Lucario Boards were actually spammier prior to the Lucario Chat Room Thread, and in that manner, it has helped us from turning tactical threads into sig shops (That HAS happened). In addition, the thread has been useful for random (Lucario) questions that would otherwise clutter up the boards, and has been very good for the Lucario maining communtiy, as it allowed for discussion that changed with the need of the audience.

    EDIT: You added your Bowser F-smash to the Lucario chatroom with post number 11,000. Just thought you would like to know.
    I would not mind at all if you locked the Lucario Chat Room Thread. I would actually be kind of happy. Lucario's meta game has come to a halt recently because of all these worthless "spam" posts.
    Lol! Gimpy I tell you one of the most fun things to do on smashboards is read all the stupid threads you've fsmashed. I especially liked the one with m2k in the Lucario boards and the "Shiek is female" thing. And yes, she is. (My second)
    Hey man sorry about getting on you for locking my thread the other day, I was in a bad mood and kinda took it out on you which was wrong of me, sorry dude.

    P.S Lol I don't know why I thought the bowser bark was a good idea! I should think before posting stuff like that, lol

    No hard feelings.
    Listen, I respect you as a person and a smasher, but I don't understand why you locked my thread. In summary it was a thread on a useless technique I discovered. It is not off topic because it is related to bowser, nor is it spam either in that sense. There are other threads on the bowser board that state useless techniques (and another with a hax video of bowser), yet they remain unlocked.
    I apologize if I sound rude and/or ignorant, but please tell me what I did wrong so I won't do it in the future, because I honestly don't see any harm in my thread. My only idea is that I should have presented it more seriously.
    gimpyfish we are not the same person but we live in the same town and when he was at my house once or twice he went on smashboards on my computer.
    Hi Gipmyfish!
    I sent you an MP asking you from advice to help the chilean smash forums.
    I hope to hear from you, and thank you for your time

    yo u might not know me but everyone no u i wanna play against good people like u just give me a chance please reply
    (Currently being the only active mod who patrols the GBD) Would you be so kind as to close a few threads that have been reported?

    "Characters You Would Have Liked To See In Brawl"
    Reason: SSB4 thread. I think Mic_128 needs to create/lock a new sticky, stating the consequences of posting a SSB4 thread.

    "Sakurai does not want Smash to be a competative franchise"
    Reason: Necro posted and bumped by LOL Master, which his last post is enough for an infraction.

    It's about fricken time we had some mod action in the sheik forum.

    Now all we need is having "Kickin' A** and Takin' Names" :: Sheik Reference Thread stickied and everything would be good.
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