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  • yea, I have AIM but I really go on for smash related things, I use facebook chat for IRL friends. so just let me know when and I'll get on.
    What's your FC? I can't now but I'd like to have it. I'll give you my new one too...

    OK here it is: 4296-7358-1788

    So 2moro? I can kinda early like around 1 or 2...
    No take the Marth down. You realize how bad lag was messing me up? Honestly you should have gotten 3-stocked by my marth in dittos >< I would even offer that as a mm you never taking off 2 stock from me in a set... I'm not saying you're bad but you're just really inexperienced.

    I don't care about my other characters so much.

    And it's a little ridiculous that you'd upload only the ones you win considering I won most of them, especially the ones where i just kill myself

    I still thought it was dumb cause there's so much lag you can't mindgame you can only play a really stupid defensive or spammy style. Like when I played Snake I used 0 grenades and just u-smash and f-tilted you and I won.
    I didn't play link XD

    The last one I was just seeing if I could do my usual platform stuff lol

    If you give me your wii code I'll send you some good matches and cool marth stuff that never get put on youtube because good players don't want their stuff stolen XD
    Yeah wifi is really dumb

    But don't jump into the **** all the time lol

    Worry about your safety first then worry about hitting the other person
    Youll have to tell me whos in each vid, or resend me them so I can see them lol.
    dude IM me again i closed your box like 30 minutes ago and forgot your thing lol

    it's probably around here... but i'm notoriously lazy
    For your "Learning Strategies Through Characters" thread (which I like a lot by the way) I made one for Wolf:


    -Spacing - Wolf's spacing is very important, especially since his Bair has a ****load of range that some people do not take advantage of. Seriously, that thing has almost as much range as Marth's Fair and people don't space well so they don't know this.
    -Saving Kill Moves - Wolf's only real safe kill move is Dsmash, and it's important to keep it fresh so you can kill with it when your opponent has high damage, as it is by far your most reliable kill move.
    -Reacting and Punishing - Wolf's Fsmash has crazy range, and therefore is one of the best punishers in the game, but it's important to know when to use it since it has lots of ending lag as well
    -Using Invincibility Frames - Wolf's Shine (Down-B) has some invincibility frames and helps show people how to use these wisely to get around attacks

    (I know what I'm talking about, I use him)

    I hope this helps you out.
    OK, that would be sick. We'd rep Marth there for sure! Me, you, Crazn, Illinialex, this guy Sothe, and this guy Raid. Me and you could do doubles and our team name could be "SOLID and Friends." Lulz, that would be so amazing! We'd also rep SOLID's friends with you, me, Crazn, and BO X7.
    Oh, I was just wondering since there is a tourney coming up here. Last time this guy hosted, same place, there were a bunch of Michigan guys there (Lain, Anther, NoJ) and I was just asking. The link is in the Midwest Forums.
    hay i was wondering... how you where able to maintain the title of
    "Smash Debater"
    is it possible u can give me names for who to talk to or just links
    to where i am able to apply..

    Much Thanked
    Oh, it was a scrubby tourney at my house, only like 7 people, there were supposed to be 3 more than there were, but they didn't make it. I won the finals 3-1 against my friend who's the best, 2-0ed everyone else. I was the TO, so I didn't want to win anything.
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