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  • It's cool, however you wat to do it There is too much spam these days, it seems like once a month there is just a week or 2 where a bunch of n00bs start spamming a lot of random threads...

    And I know none of this isreally new, just compilations of knowledge with my analysis. And yours now that you'll be givin me some feedback on what I write. I'll PM it to ou tomorrow probably and i'll be on AIM.
    Well I think I'll start it tomorrow,and I'll do Fsmash so I guess just input your thoughts about it, and PM them to me, and then I'll do the same "What, Where, and Why" format, so I guess say what you think for each of those, and themn I'll put it in (I guess I'll post it, but it'll be SOLID and Feardragon's Fsmash Guide: What, Where, and Why" And do those 4 moves sound good with you? I'll probably only do those (or we will if you are going to help me) because those are th ones I'm most intrigued by and I feel Counter, Nair, Fsmash, and Ftilt haven't realy been discussed too much. If more moves intrigue you then the ones I mentioned, I'll help you do those, too. Thanks for the help dude! I just think it's nice to have a second person post their thoughts as well, 2 heads are better than 1! (Not on one person though.)
    Hey man, you read my F-air guide like 2 or 3 weeks ago, right? I'm thinking of doing something like that for some other moves, most likely Fsmash (this move is over-used and I want to explain when is the correcttime to use it), Nair (I love this move and I think it's uner-used), and maybe some others, like Ftilt (this move is interesting to me), and Counter (this is over-used by n00bs and under-used by pros, but it should be used sometimes), and I kind of wanted some help, and you are god at writing stuff like that, so do you mind helping me out?

    On an unrelated note, you live in the Midwest don't you?
    I'm on a Wi-Fi hiatus now, it throws off my game too much, sorry.

    And thanks again, even though you don't even know why I'm saying thanks.
    Hey man, you just posted how you have nothing to do on a Friday night (no life n00b, lol jk, I have noting better to do either) has reminded me of something important that might help my lack of a life. Thank you.
    Yeah, ill be on all day, Ill add your fc, you add mine. I also have msn and aim if you need a contact.
    Haha, I'll try. I'm striving for MBR, but Pierce says I need to contribute new stuff to get in, so I'm trying to get more matchup experience by playing a bunch of friendlies at the tournament I'm going to soon so I get better vs. all characters.
    No, it's not that at all. I just haven't kept an eye out for recruiting lately. Your contributions have been noticed, I'll discuss whether or not you should be accepted with the rest of the MBR.
    Oh I just stopped playing like I used to and made a new style for myself. Its pretty much a MArth by the book and then once I get used to it I'll start implementing more of my own techniques. I'll play you on Wi-Fi maybe later tonite or tomorrow or this weekend I guess...
    Thank you, I'm a bit less Fsmash happy abainst people who don't Fsmash as musch as you did... No offense it's Wi-Fi... And I know I suck on the ledge, someone needs to make a ledge options thread... Marth can't do crap from the ledge...
    I know about the age thinng, people respect me bt it's just weird telling older people how to play... lol... So ya put up some vids!

    Do you have anything to say about my Marth? I'd love a critique.
    OK if you want a critique, here ya go: Like you said, way too much Fsmash. Sometimes you would Dtilt 5 or 6 times in a row, which is rather ponitless if you ask me, since I'll be out by the 2nd one. You really seem to like Bair. It is pretty good, but should not be overused. You seemed to onyl use that when going for a gimp/edgeguarding, but you should imx it up with Fair and Nair. Recently I've found Nair is great for gimping because it works against airdodgers because of the 2 hits. PLay a bit safer, less Fsmash, not so much Dtilting, and you'll be great. You have down the basics really well.
    And feel free to post the videos, the lag wasn't bad at all so they won't be too hard to critique.

    And also on a random note, it feels weird critiquing people on Smashboards becasue I'm 13 and like everyone here is older than me, lol. But Great Games, hit me up anytime, those were fun.
    Not right now, but post your FC, I'm always up for useless Wi-Fi battes, maybe later between 7 and 8 central. My FC is 9688-720-9273, add me I guess, lol. And i'll do the stage thing then.
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